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  1. Bunnyman61

    Does anyone have/do something similar in memory of the lost ones?

    I buried my first two rabbits in the backyard garden. For the second, I created a burial box for her, some of her toys and pieces of banana and strawberry, which she loved. I have two photos of it, but I rarely view them, as it is still painful for me, seven years later.
  2. Bunnyman61

    Get to know each other game!

    Videos from the Hobart Zoo in the 1930's:
  3. Bunnyman61

    Get to know each other game!

    It is believed by quite a few people that the thylacine species is stil extant, in very very small numbers, in the largely uninhabited southern half of Tasmania.
  4. Bunnyman61

    Rabbit ear tagging, what is this?

    My first rabbit was a mini-rex doe who had originally come from a breeder to her first owner, my ex-girlfriend's daughter, who neglected her and left her to live in terrible conditions. This little angel had a four-digit alphanumeric code stamped in indelible blue ink on the inside of one of...
  5. Bunnyman61

    Baby bunny dying

    Thank you for the expression of support. You are very kind.
  6. Bunnyman61

    Baby bunny dying

    I'm very sorry for your loss. A few months after my mother died in my arms, the same thing happened to my second rabbit, who succumbed to an intestinal blockage. It was harrowing to experience these things, but I was still glad that my little darling passed knowing that I was there to hold her.
  7. Bunnyman61

    Effective disinfectant for killing RHDV2?

    Occasionally, I have to allow a plumber or electrician in the house to effect a repair. Afterward, I bleach all exposed floor areas, which is a lot of work, but it certainly worth the bother to protect my two darlings.
  8. Bunnyman61

    Dandelion greens

    I too live in Cali, and they grow in our yard. However, to feed them even occasionally to my two rabbits, I'd need a lot of them, probably twenty times what is out front now.
  9. Bunnyman61

    Dandelion greens

    I purchase organic dandelion leaves for my two rabbits. One loves them, the other is not greatly enamored of them but does consume them, albeit not all right away. I feed them this, on average, about two, maybe three times a week in modest quantities (half-cup each), and have been doing this...
  10. Bunnyman61

    can rabbits get bored of lettuce?

    Yes, exactly. My two darlings like both curly and italian parsely, but prefer cilantro to both. I've never had a rabbit that ate basil or mint, however. Nor bell peppers, for that matter. By the way, I see you're in sunny Buffalo! I grew up from the age of 8 until 17 in Rochester, NY...
  11. Bunnyman61

    can rabbits get bored of lettuce?

    My two rabbits don't particularly care for romaine, sadly. I feed mine a variety of vegetables, including kale, collards, turnip greens, dandelion greens, carrot tops, brussels sprouts, broccoli, celery leaves, watercress, radicchio, cilantro and parsely. I probably spend about $50 a month on...
  12. Bunnyman61

    Burdock Root

    Yes, I like it sautéed in butter, but it can be prepared utilizing most basic cooking approaches (steam, bake, sauté, simmer, pickle, etc.). It's used extensively in Japanese cuisine ("gobo" in Japanese) and found often in sushi rolls and salads. I guess I'll have to get some today and let my...
  13. Bunnyman61

    Who says rabbits aren't smart??

    My first beloved rabbit, Piper, a few weeks after I adopted her, surprised me one morning when I awoke as she was staring at me. As soon as I sat up, she ran around the futon, stopped in front of my clear plastic water bottle, head butted it, looked up at me, ran back around the futon to her...
  14. Bunnyman61

    My bunny died at 8 months 💔

    I'm so sorry for your tragic loss. Please take all precautions before bringing any new rabbits into your house. There are many excellent suggestions here for ensuring the safety of the two young rabbits you intend to bring home.
  15. Bunnyman61

    Digging at sheets and pillows

    Sometimes, you just gotta let bunnies be bunnies. I always keep my pillows well away from my little roommate!
  16. Bunnyman61

    Digging at sheets and pillows

    All my rabbits have done this, despite being spayed. This is why I've spent hundreds of dollars on inexpensive fitted sheets over the past 13 years that I've kept a rabbit in my bedroom. You can purchase a nice fitted sheet from Walmart or online for about $10 a pop. I consider all this to be...
  17. Bunnyman61

    How much fruit should I feed my bunny

    All this is why I never eat fruit in front of either of my two rabbits. They'd never forgive me if I did that without sharing with them.
  18. Bunnyman61

    Parsley for bunnies??

    I typically feed my rabbits cilantro five times a week and italian or curly parsely once or twice a week. I also feed them organic dandelion greens, romaine and occasionally carrot tops or celery leaves (all organic). This is in addition to greens high in oxalates such as broccoli, collard...
  19. Bunnyman61

    Urgent help needed!!! Month old bunny fell from 5ft what should I do!! Please help asap!!!!!

    Why would you not take this rabbit to the vet for an examination? Surely that would be the most prudent course of action...
  20. Bunnyman61

    RHVD2 in the US - what you need to know

    Here in the Sacramento area, it was a $40 charge.