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    Rehoming male lionhead, Gainesville GA

    Over the past few months I've come to the decision to re-home one of my lionhead rabbits, Graham. It's been really difficult, but the situation he is in right now is not ideal and I would rather him be with someone who could give him a better life. He and his brother live in my room together but...
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    Torn Ear!!

    I was out of town this week, and with a family member taking care of both of my feuding rabbits who are kept separate, they somehow managed to get out and fight with each other. Nearly a week later, having just arrived home, I realized that BJ has torn ear. Since the wound is nearly a week old I...
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    Is it possible to rebond my rabbits?

    I have two netured male rabbits who are just over a year old. They're brothers—I adopted them together when they were young and then they lived together in my room for several months. We got them both neutered for the standard reasons. They hadn't showed any signs of aggression toward each...