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  1. JazzPizzazz

    Lucky Lapine Codes

    Hi! I really want to play Lucky Lapine and wanted to know if anyone can please give me a code? Thanks!
  2. JazzPizzazz

    After surgery care

    How long should I keep my rabbit in an area without places where she stretches (litter box and hutch) after being spayed? She currently has a rather large fenced area with a crate as a litter box and a cardboard box to hide in.
  3. JazzPizzazz

    Rabbit won’t eat!

    My sweet little Jazz has just been desexed and I understand that she doesn’t want to eat, but I don’t want her to get GI Stasis. I have tried feeding her banana, lettuce, pellets, and cucumber, but she will only drink. I don’t have critical care. I was wondering what food rabbits can’t resist or...
  4. JazzPizzazz

    Desexing my rabbit

    Hi, I am going to be having my Netherland Dwarf who has just turned one desexed in July. I know where she is being done and all of that, but I just wanted to know any suggestions on preparation before and caring after the procedure. I would also like to know your experiences with getting...
  5. JazzPizzazz

    Indoor or outdoor?

    Hi there! I have looked online and there is much debate over whether domestic rabbits belong indoor or outdoor. I personally think that it would be great to let my little Netherland Dwarf, Jazz, live inside (of course after I get her desexed). But, my parents, whom I live with disagree. Please...
  6. JazzPizzazz

    What colour?

    Hey there! I am new to this forum website, but I joined because I have been wondering about the colour of my Netherland Dwarf. I bought her from a breeder who bred very unique Netherland Dwarves. They have bred these rabbits since they bought a white doe with blue eyes. Here’s Jazz: