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  1. FoggyForest

    more bonding confusion.

    Thank you for replying! Yes, I am giving the buns treats in moderation. Havyn is already fat enough anyways🤣 The bunnies are good being in a car/moving vehicle. They are totally fine with it, in a cage, or on a blanket, or whatever. I do want to keep the bunnies happy and healthy. We are going...
  2. FoggyForest

    Traumatic skin injury post surgical care

    OH MY GOSH SO CUTE!!! praying for bun's spay! I'm so glad she's healing up well 💕
  3. FoggyForest

    more bonding confusion.

    OK... so Bandit & Havyn (a.k.a. Katmir because she looks like a meerkat when she stands up?!) are bonding well I THiNk. We have to go on a trip in like 1-2 weeks, so we were wondering if we could bring them. yes, I know I JUST made a post asking why B was pulling H's fur out. But now that's...
  4. FoggyForest

    Need to rehome the best bunny ever - Idaho

    yeah, thats a problem with us too. We had to rehome a bun because a family member believed he was allergic. :/ turns out it was the hay. We switched. The person we rehomed the bunny to couldn't keep him. we brought him back with a diff. hay and family was fine, no allergy at all.
  5. FoggyForest

    Welcomed new baby today

    What a gorgeous boy 🥰 congrats on a new bun!
  6. FoggyForest

    plz I need help (-_-;)

    Thank you! wow I didn't know that at all. I will look at the link 🐰🐇
  7. FoggyForest

    plz I need help (-_-;)

    ok. so i'm bonding my buns, a 2yr neutered male, Bandit, and 8mo female (was spayed about 4wk ago), Havyn. Havyn is a cutie. She is kind of skittish, also she's Bandits granddaughter. She is constantly demanding grooming from Bandit. She walks over at random times and puts her head down. Bandit...
  8. FoggyForest

    Your Bunny Story: How did you get your bunnies?

    Bandit (My bandit, lol) is a big part of my life. He's cuddly and adorable. He loves me when times are hard. He wakes me up at 3am by jumping on my bed. I got him about 2 years ago. We were planning to get a rabbit, but we were in 4H. I knew that people kept buns as house rabbits, and I really...
  9. FoggyForest

    The Life of Having a Herd

    Awww you chose adorable names for your buns uwuuuu. I understand your hardships with buns. So unpredictable and cute! I had 13 rescue buns once and finally rehomed them all except my boy Bandit XD
  10. FoggyForest

    Why are my buns so chill?

    OMGOSH so cuuuute!!! is the black/white one named Bandit? or the brown one? 'Cause I have a black/white bun name Bandit too! your buns' floppy ears are so adorable!!
  11. FoggyForest

    Two bunnies, what do I do?

    Thanks so much!! yes, Bandy is neutered, and we are planning to spay the girl that we are trying to bond him with, Havyn. We let them see each other once, and he immediately began to groom her/lick her head. We definitely will spay Havyn though, because she kept trying to hump bandit 🤦‍♀️ thanks...
  12. FoggyForest

    Send In Your Baby Bunny Pictures!

    oh my gosh the flops are so CUTE
  13. FoggyForest

    Whhhyyy are they all so preatttyyyyy

    😭 she's so cute.. im so sorry for your loss
  14. FoggyForest

    Two bunnies, what do I do?

    I have one bunny, Bandit. He is free range, with toys, a water bottle, food dish, and litterbox. he goes where he pleases- but now we are planning to bond him w/ a new bun. Can two buns share a litterbox? what is the recommended living space for bonded buns- is it a pen, free-range, cube grids...
  15. FoggyForest

    Send In Your Baby Bunny Pictures!

    AHHHHHHHHHHH what is that breeeeeeeeeeed your babies are so fluffy and sweet uwu
  16. FoggyForest

    Send In Your Baby Bunny Pictures!

    Your rabbit is ADORABLE. I swear, this thread is the cutest part of the forums ever!!!!
  17. FoggyForest

    My rabbit ate plastic bag please help!

    yes how is the bun
  18. FoggyForest

    Whhhyyy are they all so preatttyyyyy

    ok.... PREPARE YOURSELF. gimme a sec tho, all the pics are on my other computer, might take a lil' while