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  1. Morchall

    Help-My rabbit cut her lip

    my male bit the end of my female's lip clean off when she was a baby. her wound looked similar, and she did have to get a few dissolvable stitches. if it looks like it could be getting infected (you said there is pus, that could be a sign), you should probably take her to the vet if possible.
  2. Morchall

    2 weeks post spay

    did the vet tell you she could be running around a couple days after surgery? ours had to stay confined for 2 weeks while her incision healed up so she wouldn't accidentally hurt herself. (I'm not a vet so take everything I say with a grain of salt. This is just what my vet said.) I did read...
  3. Morchall

    rabbit rescue

    thanks to the people who replied! I'm trying to find more people in the area to volunteer or possibly foster some of the bunnies--the rescue is currently over capacity because they took in several pregnant rabbits who had about 50 babies all together. they're really needing help right now. I'm...
  4. Morchall

    rabbit rescue

    Today I went to the rabbit rescue with my roommate for the second time to help clean the cages. Unfortunately the day was off to kind of a bad start when one of the other volunteers there was wearing an article of clothing with a logo that kind of...activates my fight or flight response. It kind...
  5. Morchall

    Post pictures of your rabbits flop!

    I took a video of this. She binkied and then flopped over and snuggled with him!
  6. Morchall

    Volunteering at Rabbit Rescue

    I went in and got to feed about 60 bunnies. There were so many, the place is a bit overwhelmed right now so they were thankful that I agreed to come in a few times a week. The bunnies are so sweet and friendly! A lot of them came right up to me and wanted attention and I got to pet them.
  7. Morchall

    Volunteering at Rabbit Rescue

    I looked it up and the name of the color on a giant rabbit is "fawn"
  8. Morchall

    Volunteering at Rabbit Rescue

    I finally got a call back from the rabbit rescue and they will be letting me volunteer to feed rabbits there! They originally wanted me to come in on Wednesday, but they called this morning and said I should come in today to watch them feed the rabbits so I know what to do. I'm excited to get to...
  9. Morchall

    I don’t want to give up my rabbits but I have nowhere to put them

    maybe you could try facebook (even if you don't have a facebook, you could make one just to see people in your area). I was surprised how quickly a gofundme I made got around when my mom shared it on facebook. or as someone else suggested, craigslist, or another site where you can post...
  10. Morchall

    Scared to spay

    Yeah, bad luck happens unfortunately. :'( I hope for good luck in your future. stay strong and I hope you are doing ok.
  11. Morchall

    Rabbit respiratory problems?

    My giant papillon Gus has some problems! (I put an * next to questions I have.) Every few months or so, he starts getting wet eyes, and starts scratching them a lot. Sometimes it even leads to him getting sores around his eyes because he won't leave them alone. He also starts getting sneezing...
  12. Morchall

    Scared to spay

    Something that helped me feel better about getting our female spayed was finding a vet who specializes in rabbits and does tons of rabbit spay/neuters. I went to the vet who spays my family friend's giant rabbits, since this person had never lost a rabbit to the procedure. Our rabbit had no...
  13. Morchall

    Scared to spay

    I am so sorry to hear that. I have never personally known anyone who has had that happen to their rabbit, but of course there are risks with any surgery. It's understandable if you don't think you could go through with it after that experience, I just hope your future rabbits are healthy. I...
  14. Morchall


    oh yeah. we shop vac'd that whole area after sweeping up the big chunks. it took nearly 30 minutes! and the bunnies didn't much like the noise.
  15. Morchall

    Pokey on the bed

    My roommate brings Pokey into his bedroom every day for personal cuddle/play time with him. (He does this with Gus, too, but Gus is more attached to me, so I am the one who takes him out to play one-on-one more often.) She's done this for a long time with no problems, but recently she's started...
  16. Morchall

    Why are my bonded rabbits are fighting?

    I have a female continental giant (which are closely related to flemish giants) and I was told 6 months for spaying, both by someone who has raised many giant rabbits and by the vet who spays and neuters all their rabbits. Ours was spayed at 8 months with no problems, I think waiting a whole...
  17. Morchall

    Moulting Rabbits

    brushing them every day is good! does yours enjoy being brushed? our female loves it but our male gets cranky when we try to brush him. I think there's probably nothing to worry about, we have tons of hair all over the place before we sweep in the morning and ours have never had problems with...
  18. Morchall

    Frustrating day semi-caused by rabbit bite

    My roommate's been bitten a few times, he's never gotten rabies either! I
  19. Morchall


    We ordered pellets from Chewy, and... The bag somehow got torn open on the way here! We didn't see it, but when we went to take the bag out of the big box, the pellets just spilled out all over! Oh man, it took a long time to sweep up and then shop vac the rug. We contacted Chewy and they were...
  20. Morchall

    Frustrating day semi-caused by rabbit bite

    haha, thank you. I figured they were way overreacting! The main reason I wanted to get a tetanus shot was just that I hadn't gotten one in a while and I read online it's probably best to do that if an animal bites you (just like how you should probably get one if you get scraped with metal, etc...