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    Leporidae Online Game

    I just found out about it. I'm having trouble getting it to recognize my login info. Will let you know once I get in!
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    Welcomed new baby today

    Ooooh I love him! ❤ He looks just like my bunny Walter, who passed away recently. He was a standard Rex, big like this one. He looks so sweet!
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    Need to rehome the best bunny ever - Idaho

    I would totally adopt him but I live in Denver, Colorado. Hmm my sister lives in Boise area though...(just thinking out loud!). Your bunny is just adorable. I lost my sweet bunny a little over a month ago and would love to have a new furry friend. Keep us posted!
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    My Dimi has passed, and I am not coping well

    I'm so sorry to hear about your sweet bunny passing away. I lost my bunny Walter exactly 2 weeks ago and I know it's hard. Only had him 6 1/2 yrs and he had a huge impact on me. I still cry off and on bit, but it has gotten a little easier each day. What you must remember is that 9 years is an...
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    Rabbit spraying!

    Arlo? What a cute name! Yes get that boy neutered. I always regretted not having mine neutered. He would want to hump certain times of the year and I always felt bad. Also, he only sprayed me occasionally but never my husband as he treated him like the 'big bun' and I was more of his servant...
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    My bun is 5!

    Oh your bunny is so adorable! I had a standard Rex that was grey like yours and he recently passed away. Things I noticed towards the end was yes fewer or no binkies, slower hops, hind leg appearing to fall asleep after laying in same position for a while, less chewing on hard objects like his...
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    The Queen Laid To Rest

    Aaaaaw well Rest in Peace Mrs Brown. She just looks so precious. I lost my rabbit 5 days ago so I'm right there with you. It's so so hard, but we will get through this Hoolia. ~Cara