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  1. Pipsqueak

    Does anybody else have Facebook?

    Either for yourself or your bunny ha ha. I've just made Loki an account lol.
  2. Pipsqueak

    Music discovery thread

    Hey guys! As you may have guessed from the title this is a thread where we all share music!! :O The idea is you post the last three songs you listened to here, you can post a link or just the name and singer either way's fine. Here's my 3! Lana Del Rey 'This Is What Makes Us Girls'...
  3. Pipsqueak

    R.I.P. Pip :(

    I can't believe that I'm writing here. I found Pip last evening laying dead in his cage. It came as a total shock and I've been crying my eyes out all of today, the only thing I can think of was heat exhaustion, it reached about 100 degrees yesterday. I should have realized this might have...
  4. Pipsqueak

    The Genie game

    Yep another game lol. Okay here's how you play, the first poster writes a wish example: I wish I had a car, the second poster grants this wish but there has to be a defect to it, example: Your wish is granted but it doesn't have tires so you can't use it. They then put a wish of their own down...
  5. Pipsqueak

    The ban game

    I saw this idea on a dog forum and I thought it'd be fun to start a thread on here. Basically what you do is 'ban' the person above you for something really silly, such as having such a cute avatar, or not using a period. Of course you're not really banned and you can come back to the thread and...
  6. Pipsqueak

    Song for my rabbit video

    Alright ya'll I'm making a video of a bunch of bunnies playing as some of you know, and here are the song options. One way or another by One Direction Do you love me by The Contours(lol Morgan and Katie) Hawaii 5-0 (don't kow who does this one..) Good feeling by Flo Rida Dog days are...
  7. Pipsqueak

    Looking to make a video

    Hi guys I'm looking to make a video of bunnies playing and being cute and such. :) I'd love it if you could send me some clips as I only have a couple! I can PM you my email if you want to send me the original clip or you can link me your youtube video and I can download it. And also if you have...
  8. Pipsqueak

    Imaginary friends..Did you have one?

    I had 3 originally, Sarah, Lala, and Amy. Later on I also had a cheetah and a lot of horses lol, then me and my brother would start arguements about who had the most imaginary friends and we'd just make them up on the spot so I had about 7 imaginary friends that I only used for that purpose. I...
  9. Pipsqueak

    The tales of two dwarfs and a lionheart

    So I've done it! I've finally decided to start a blog. I have 3 rabbits, a 5 year old (that's how long I've had her anyway..) lionhead named Smokeyanne, a year old netherland dwarf named Pip, and another year old nethie named Olivia Tonks. I got Smokeyanne from a family whose daughter became...
  10. Pipsqueak

    New bunny

    So tomorrow I'll be calling to inquire about a baby holland lop! I've wanted one for a while and after seeing some of the members lops on here I REALLY wanted one lol. The person is selling a couple of them, the one I'm most interested in is white with smoke point. Well I'm hoping that this goes...
  11. Pipsqueak

    Bunny photoshoot

    So I had a photoshoot with all my bunnies, Olivia wasn't to happy. What you doing? [/IMG] Mmm tastes good! [/IMG] Can I get out? [/IMG] If I'm good then can I come out? [/IMG] But I don't wanna look at you... [/IMG] I hates you. -_- [/IMG]
  12. Pipsqueak

    Rabbit Awareness Week

    So today kicks off Rabbit Awareness Week(May 4th-12th). It's a time to raise awareness for all the rabbits that have been abandoned or put in shelters because people didn't know what they were getting into and thought that a rabbit wouldn't need any work. I've been going around on some facebook...
  13. Pipsqueak


    Ugh I'm so bored!!!!! WHAT FUN THING CAN I DO!!!?!!!
  14. Pipsqueak

    Me and my friends

    hey guys this iz pipsqueak(i prefer pip but my hooman iz silly) i thought i would tell you all about me and my frendz. i am a chinchilla colored netherland dwarf i haz a girlfrend named olivia she is in the pen next to me but my hooman doesn't let us be together, and olivia smellz really good...