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  1. amandaaaa_xxo

    Dwarf Lop ears no longer lopped?

    Hey everyone :) I have a holland dwarf lop named Wilson ! He's 2 and 1/2 years of age. I was under the impression that lops have lopped ears yet mine has 'helicopter' ears?? I've attached a photo to show you all what I mean. How come his ears aren't lopped? They used to be when he was younger...
  2. amandaaaa_xxo

    "Double chin" underneath male rabbit chin? Dewlap?

    Hey everyone :) So I'm starting to notice a little "double chin" underneath my rabbits chin. He's a male. It looks like a tiny dewlap to be honest and I know those occur only in females (from what I've read). What is this meant to be? He's not overweight if any of you are wondering.
  3. amandaaaa_xxo

    Factors contributing to rabbit weight loss?

    So I've been noticing that my rabbit Wilson is losing weight. It seems as though every week when he is due for a weigh in, he loses grams. Two weeks ago he was 2.2kg. Last week he was 2kg and today I went in again and he is currently 1.94kg. He had dental surgery 3 weeks ago. It has only...
  4. amandaaaa_xxo

    Can rabbits eat romaine (cos) lettuce? Red and green lettuce?

    So I'm trying to add different types of greens to my rabbits diet. I've always been hesitant to give him lettuce. First of all, is romaine lettuce, cos lettuce? Because I've asked around for romaine lettuce here and no supermarket has heard of it? Is this another name for Cos lettuce? Is it...
  5. amandaaaa_xxo

    Rabbit ears are hot?

    My rabbits ears are hot. He has been eating this morning and during the day. Should I put a frozen water bottle near him to cool him down? Or will that make matters worse? What do you normally do in this situation?
  6. amandaaaa_xxo

    Methods about introducing new vegetables?

    Hey everyone :) So just a quick update on my rabbit if anyone hasn't come across my posts before. My rabbit Wilson was suffering from dental problems (slobbers). Took him to the rabbit doctor and was told he had spikes and ulcers. He underwent dental surgery to file those pointy teeth down...
  7. amandaaaa_xxo

    Normal for rabbit to NOT poop after vaccination?

    I got my rabbit vaccinated yesterday for the calici virus. The doctor told me not to be alarmed if he doesn't eat for 24 hours. He's been eating here and there. However, it's been 6 hours now or so and I don't think he has pooped. I just went to check on him and I didn't see a single dropping...
  8. amandaaaa_xxo

    Help! My rabbit has diarrhea/running stool and stomach growling/gurgling loudly.

    I've found runny stool on the towel that is placed in my rabbits cage. I heard his stomach make growling/gurgling noises. I removed everything from his cage except his hay and water. I'm quite scared of this! Never experienced it before. What does this indicate? How can I make him feel better?
  9. amandaaaa_xxo

    Ways to prevent rabbit tipping over his pellet bowl?

    So I have been starting a food transition for my rabbit. I've been feeding him the grain pellet mix (at the time I didn't know it was the wrong choice considering the store keeper was all about selling). I recently bought the Oxbow adult pellets. This is the second week of his food...
  10. amandaaaa_xxo

    Ways to encourage rabbit to eat more hay?

    My rabbit had a dental surgery last week to file down pointy teeth and to treat the ulcers it caused on its tongue and cheek. I've started to notice that he only eats a few pieces of hay and won't eat anything unless I put leafy greens or pellets in his cage. He'll just bolt to those and finish...
  11. amandaaaa_xxo

    Rabbit hasn't produced poop for a few hours?

    Hey everyone, I know if a rabbit doesn't produce poop in 12hours that signals a red flag. Today I brought in my rabbit to a specialist because he was showing all sorts of signs of a dental issue. She determined the cause of the symptoms and found that he had a tiny pointy tooth making tiny...
  12. amandaaaa_xxo

    Can changing cages stress my rabbit?

    Hey everyone :) I have two cages for my holland dwarf lop. He's two years old. We have a two storey deluxe hutch in the garage and a normal house cage inside our house. We bring in our rabbit inside the house whenever it is hot, or cold or if he's sick. Other than that, we keep him in the...
  13. amandaaaa_xxo

    Symptoms of GI Stasis? Rabbit Eating Pellets More Than Hay

    Hey everyone :) I'm new to this rabbit forum. I own a two year old holland dwarf lop. I feed him his pellets and unlimited oaten hay. I also feed him a variety of vegetables and herbs and fruits. I also provide him water in his drinking bottle. Everyday I provide him with fresh food and...