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  1. CamelNewt528962


    My friend's rabbit that i help take care of just had baby bunnies and I really need some help!!! do i seperate their cage? should he constantly monitor them? do we need to do something like super important that we arent doing???????? help!!!
  2. CamelNewt528962


    hi :3 im minnie xD i like to annoy my hooman and eat poop who wants to chat?
  3. CamelNewt528962

    Cold? Help!

    Minnie has been recently making quiet squeak sounds that I can only guess are sneezes. She also sometimes shivers, but that may just be her breathing (She has damaged lungs because we got her from someone who smokes). Come to think of it, she likes to shove herself in warm places like under...
  4. CamelNewt528962

    Bunny Blog

    Hi! I'm Addi. I'm a 13 year-old girl who has the sweetest (evilest) cutest (meanest) devil bunny named Minnie (short for Cinnamon) I am open for tips and snack ideas that will keep her healthy. She is a light cream colored holland lop and she is 10 weeks old. If you have any questions, feel free...
  5. CamelNewt528962

    Fun Game

    I totally stole this from @Appollo's Slave. I just thought it would be so fun to start again!!! You have to say a statement, and the poster after you answers whether it is true or false. Then poses their own statement! Example: Poster 1: The person below me has cheated on a test. Poster 2...
  6. CamelNewt528962

    Safe Snacks for my baby!!!

    Hello! I just joined and I would like to introduce myself real quick, I am Addi! So, does anyone know any snacks that I can feed my bunny other than hay and pellets, such as certain fruits, vegetables, etc. Also, please let me know if you know of any dangerous foods that I should avoid. Thanks guys!