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    Are my rabbits fighting?

    Hi all I have two mini lops Ben 8 mths old and Zoe 13 months old, both have been spayed/neutered. I had Ben first then got Zoe a few months ago from a rescue centre. I kept them seperate but close together pens for the first 6 weeks then 2 weeks ago started bonding them. They started with...
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    Bonding rabbits

    Hi all I have a 7mth old male minilop and yesterday we bought home a 1 yr old female from our local rescue centre. Both are desexed. They have spent the night together in their own pens right next to each other & this morning I let my boy out as he is used to free roaming. I’ve noticed that...
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    Getting another bunny?

    Hi all I have a 7 month old minilop boy who is just adorable. I’m worried though that he is lonely for his own kind, I’m home with him 24/7 and he is free roam around our house. I’m thinking of getting another girl bunny from our rescue centre. Do you think this is a good idea? Would love...
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    Doesn’t like to be picked up

    Hi all I have a 7 month old male minilop. He is the most beautiful boy and loves head rubs and cuddles on the couch (him sitting on the back of the couch snuggled into my neck - not on my lap). My problem is he hates to be picked up. I have tried the softly approach using treats as incentives...
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    Bunny Bed

    Hi all I have a Minilop bunny called Rosie who is 4 months old. I bought her a hidey castle to sleep and hide in. She used it for the first few weeks now she like to sit in top of it. I have bedding hay for her to lie on at night (during the day she is free roam). I feel like the castle is...