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    Litter Training

    I’m wanting to litter train my rabbits, but I heard that if they are not neutered/spayed then they cannot he litter trained and I was wondering if that’s true? And what would be the best ways to train them, (after getting them fixed if needed)?
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    Baby Rabbit Screaming

    It really freaked me out when I heard one of them scream because they never did that before, but thank you! I’ll try to prevent the mom from moving so much when feeding them so she doesn’t step on one of them.
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    Baby Rabbit Screaming

    I have five baby rabbits that are fourteen days old now, and while the mom was feeding them one of the babies started screaming so I took the mom away and checked all of them and they were all okay and moving fine. One baby opened their eyes for the first time at that moment too, so I’m not sure...
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    Baby rabbit help

    So two of our baby bunnies died this morning, and I’m not sure of how to dispose of them. I live in an apartment so there’s no way I can bury them and I feel so guilty at the thought of throwing them away like nothing. So is there any other ways to dispose of them in a less harsh way?
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    Rabbit had babies

    I’ve been watching the babies and some have bigger bellies, maybe about two, but the other five are really small and wrinkled. They feel warm/cold, like a lukewarm, and I feel like it’s because they are bunched up together and under her fur. So I’m not really sure if she has been feeding them...
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    Rabbit had babies

    Yesterday my 5 month old holland lop rabbit had babies. She had made a nest for them in her cage, which was dirty and I had asked someone I know who bred rabbits what I should do. She told me I could move them as long as the mom’s scent was on my hands when I touched them, so I did that and...
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    Making Bunny Playpen

    I’m wanting to make a little playpen/sleeping space for my bunnies so they are locked up in the cage as much as have a little more freedom. I’m just wondering if anyone has any ideas for this? I have carpet in my apartment and they like to dig that up and they like to go to the bathroom...
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    Bunnies breathing fast

    I have three bunnies, two holland lops and a Netherland dwarf. The holland lops have a cage in their own room and I noticed that lately when they are sitting or laying down they are breathing really fast, almost like shaking a little bit. I know it’s normal when they are running around and...