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  1. Boz

    Rabbit-Safe Flowers

    Hey everyone! So looking on the Quick List: Gardening for your Bunny quick list there's a list of flowers. Flowering Plants Apple flowers Aster Bachelor's Buttons Calendulas/Pot Marigolds Cockscomb Daisy Dandelion Day Lilies (Not actually Lilies... These are of the family...
  2. Boz

    Dolla Bell

    I definately did not expect to be writing in the rainbow bridge this soon and especially for Dolla. I have no idea what happened. I can't believe it. :tears2: RIP Sweet girl. You were so sassy but I loved you anyway. Dolla Bell May 2nd, 2008 - May 18th, 2011
  3. Boz

    Could You Vote For Me?

    Well, not necessarily me, but my friend! Hope I can post this here! A friend of mine has entered in maurices Main Street Model Search! If you could vote for her that would be awesome! :D You can vote once a day. I hate to...
  4. Boz

    Made My Own Willow Rings/Wreaths :biggrin2:
  5. Boz

    Willow Tree Branches & Leaves

    I wasn't sure if this would go here or the nutrition section. Anyway! We have two huge willow trees in our yard and for some reason I never put it together that willow balls were made from willow trees until, say, recently! :P Anyway, in the past when I had rabbits outside we used to...
  6. Boz

    Flash Help & Indoor Photography

    Hey everyone! I'm needing some help with flash. I have a DSLR and I want to learn more about the external flashes. I have one but it's really old and decided to recently die on me. I have another but it's a wired one that you mount completely off the camera. For $1 at a garage sale, it was a...
  7. Boz

    Guinea Pigs... And the one that almost sucked me in!

    Okay so I've never been a guinea pig "person" but I never minded them. Lately they've been catching my eye (not sure why?!). I think they are cute and figured some day (years from now) I'd end up adopting. Well why the heck would one that I really like pop up now?!!? I mean, come on! I...
  8. Boz

    Peeing Outside of the Litterbox

    If any of you remember me you know I have a rabbit named Dolla who does everything to make my life difficult. She escapes from any pen or cage. Sometimes even if she's been in a pen or cage for months without escape! She'll eventually pull a Houdini (hence why I call her Dolla Houdini!!)...
  9. Boz

    Yesterday's News VS Wood Pine Pellets

    Yesterday's News VS Wood Pine Pellets hey everyone! I don't remember if I ever posted this here or not. I decided to put Yesterday's News and Wood Pine Pellets to the test and see which one was more absorbent. Hope someone finds this useful...
  10. Boz

    Putting Weight on a Skinny Bunny

    My bunny Dolla has always been on the skinny side. I think she has a really fast metabolism or something. When I first got her she was horribly thin and it took months to get any sort of fat on her. Now, again she seems to have lost some weight over the last couple weeks... I'm actually a little...
  11. Boz

    Photography - Boutique Packaging & Online Printing Help

    So this is for the photographers out there! I recently took a friends senior photos and I wanted to send them to her in Boutique Packaging. The problem is I don't know where to get it! I was planning on printing from AdoramaPix but I got a couple samples from MPix and I liked them. I've heard...
  12. Boz


    Can bunnies eat cantaloupe? I searched and I can't find it on safe or unsafe lists. Thanks! :D
  13. Boz


    I thought i read somewhere rabbits can eat certain types of peppers but i cant find it now. Does anyone know? thanks!! :)
  14. Boz

    Have you ever seen that one pet on petfinder you just gotta have?!

    I'm having that now!! :( Burmese (the second picture) is one of my FAVORITE gerbil colors!! And the first one, although I'm not 100% sure on her color, I'm guessing its Light ColorPoint Agouti (love). And the other looks like a Dove, which is also...
  15. Boz

    Boz's Blog of Rabbits, Rodents, & Animal Nonsense

    Boz's Blog of Rabbits, Rodents, & Animal Nonsense Many of you don't know me but I'm Boz. My other blog for 2010 I haven't written in for months. I thought I'd start fresh! A little about me... I am a freshmen in college, I love photography and life is good! I have owned rabbit for 6 years (wow...
  16. Boz

    Gimli - The Toothless Gerbil

    Okay not entirely toothless, but you'll see as you read! lol Meet Gimli (named after the dwarf in the Lord of The Rings): He came from a pet store. He was all by himself in a tank with cedar bedding. I almost got him but ended up walking out of the pet store without him. I wasn't sure if I...
  17. Boz

    Portable Harddrive May Have Crashed - Help?!

    Hi everyone! At this point I'm staying cool and calm but as soon as someone tells me the date can not be recovered I will cry. Today my portable hard drive decided it would be fun to not work. I plug it in it turns on but it does not connect to the computer. The lights on the portable HD flash...
  18. Boz


    Marley says "Hello!!" Domino says "What's up?!?!" Louie says "TREEEEEATTZZZ." Dolla says "Nom Nom Nom" :biggrin:
  19. Boz

    Recent Photography

    Hey everyone! I know I've been MIA lately! I got some news I guess I'll start with that! First off, I got my Trio back and bonded together! :D Yay! And second Marley got spayed! :D Everyone is doing well! Anyway, back to the main purpose of the post, photos! I pretty much am a...
  20. Boz

    100 Degus For Adoption in Michigan

    100 Degus For Adoption in Michigan! First post here: Ohhh I soo wish I could help. I really want a group of degus sooo much but there's no way I could get to Michigan. :( If only!! If they don't find a home soon...