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    New bunny pen

    Hello, I currently have one Jersey Wooly rabbit and I love the breed! I’m looking to buy a second one. (Before anyone mentions it: bonding is not an option, I use my rabbit and future rabbits for show. They are my pets and get a whole bunch of interaction and care. I’m not looking to own more...
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    Jersey Wooly Rabbitry

    Hello, I was wondering in there is any chance someone might know of a Jersey Wooly breeder in northern Colorado, South Dakota, southern Montana, or Wyoming. I have only found 2 rabbitrys and would like to view all my options before deciding which buck to purchase for my 10 month old Siamese...
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    Jersey Wooly Breeding Suggestions

    Hi, Im kinda new to rabbits online still. I’m wondering what color I should breed my Jersey Wooly doe to. Nala is my 10 month Siamese sable doe. I bought her to show through my local FFA, possibly show in a few ARBA shows, and to hopefully breed. I have not found a buck to buy yet and was...
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    Outdoor rabbit breed

    Hi, I’m going to be buying my first rabbit very shortly and was wondering which breed to go with. I have narrowed it down to a Jersey Wooly or a Mini lop. The rabbit will live primarily outside. I live in Wyoming so I was wondering if one breed would do better outdoor compared to the other. Thanks