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  1. Boz

    Nikon D7000

    Thanks! Should probably go with that! Didn't realize that one wasn't. I'm surprised that that person is offering for only $35. on BHphoto and elsewhere it's 43.35.
  2. Boz

    Nikon D7000

    Thanks Mike! I have Zeikos brand now and it works but there is a glare/ghost in photos sometimes. Its caused by the filter. From what I'm reading it's because it's cheap. I was thinking of getting this filter: I just...
  3. Boz

    Nikon D7000

    Thanks for the help! One more quick question. What is your thought on UV filters to protect your lens? Right now I have cheap-o ones from ebay but I've heard those cheap ones can do more harm than good when it comes to pictures.
  4. Boz

    Nikon D7000

    One more quick question... What do you think of buying refurbished or used in terms of cameras? I bought my labtop refurbished and I've had no problems! Saved a good chuck of money as well. On the nikon store I can get the D7000 for $100 cheaper refurbished. The only thing is I think it has a...
  5. Boz

    Nikon D7000

    oh of course, on Amazon if you buy the Nikon D7000 you can get $250 off the 18-200mm! Would be great! But I don't really know about buying both atm!
  6. Boz

    Nikon D7000

    Thank you SOO much! That was so so helpful! :D You have no idea! MikeScone Those are two of the biggest features for me. I always try to shoot in low ISO (800 as a max for quality shots, 1600 as a max for snapshots) otherwise, to me, they are too grainy. And the auto backup? How awesome...
  7. Boz

    Nikon D7000

    Hey Mike! This post has been very helpful and I know you are probably busy and such so if you don't really have time to help, no worries! But I wanted to ask your opinion on what I should do... I currently have the D5000 with the 35mm f/1.8 lens, the 18-55mm VR "kit" lens, and the 55-200mm...
  8. Boz

    Odd behavior with head/ neck?

    When I first got my rabbit Marley she sneezed a lot. I'm not sure why but there was never discharge or any other things to indicate she was sick. So I watched closely but eventually she grew out of it. I figured it was the hay because she came from a breeder and I don't know how much hay or what...
  9. Boz

    What kind of bedding do you use? And a couple other questions...

    I use Wood Pine Pellets. It's cheap and doesn't smell at all! One time I ran out of Pine Pellets so I used some aspen shavings (used for my gerbils). The rabbit room smelled in less than a day of pee! It was bad! Not saying aspen is bad, but for a rabbit, wood shavings and paper based...
  10. Boz

    Anyone do smoothies?

    I LOVE smoothies! Personally, I like a blueberry and banana smoothie. Sounds different, but it's SO good! I usually mix in yogurt or ice cream to make it creamy.
  11. Boz

    Make a Jazz Noise Here

    I am so happy you took in Doug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Believe it or not when he came into the shelter he was not a nice rabbit. He reminded me of how Marley used to be so I instantly liked him. LOL! Anyway, if you even went near him with your hand he'd grunt and box and you. Then the last few weeks...
  12. Boz

    Dolla Bell

    Thanks everyone. Dolla was such a kick! Hyper, fun and all over the place. She was always right there waiting for attention/treats! Now it seems quiet without her. :( I miss her! Why did she have to go to the rainbow bridge so young?! :(
  13. Boz

    Rabbit-Safe Flowers

    Figured out the Marigold thing. They are different! But I still am wondering about the rest! :) Thanks!
  14. Boz

    Rabbit-Safe Flowers

    Hey everyone! So looking on the Quick List: Gardening for your Bunny quick list there's a list of flowers. Flowering Plants Apple flowers Aster Bachelor's Buttons Calendulas/Pot Marigolds Cockscomb Daisy Dandelion Day Lilies (Not actually Lilies... These are of the family...
  15. Boz

    Dolla Bell

    Thanks everyone It's so weird that she is gone. She definitely kept me on my toes! Miss fluffy and adorable, sassy little stinker! I'll miss her breaking her bowls, escaping every cage design I ever made (even if she'd go months without escaping fooling me into thinking I finally won), jumping...
  16. Boz

    Dolla Bell

    I definately did not expect to be writing in the rainbow bridge this soon and especially for Dolla. I have no idea what happened. I can't believe it. :tears2: RIP Sweet girl. You were so sassy but I loved you anyway. Dolla Bell May 2nd, 2008 - May 18th, 2011
  17. Boz

    Alicia and the Zoo Crew 2011

    Hey Ali! I gotta question for you... or maybe a few... It's about Leopard Geckos. For some reason I kinda sorta want one! I don't know why. I was like, wow, I want one! Probably not anytime soon though, but doesn't hurt to start learning about them. The other thing is I just don't know if I...
  18. Boz

    Could You Vote For Me?

    Well, not necessarily me, but my friend! Hope I can post this here! A friend of mine has entered in maurices Main Street Model Search! If you could vote for her that would be awesome! :D You can vote once a day. I hate to...
  19. Boz

    Neutering my male but not spaying the female?

    I know you got your answers but I thought I'd just throw in my experience. :) I have a neutered male, spayed female and an unspayed female living together. However they've fallen apart due to the two females fighting. I think if the unspayed female was spayed she wouldn't try to dominate the...
  20. Boz

    Harlequin Babies!

    OMG They are sooooooo cute!!! If one happens to disappear it wasn't me!!! :embarrassed: