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  1. Evelyn Gomez

    How many people feel rabbits are high maintenance?

    My rabbit is much easier, and much cheaper to maintain than my English Bulldog. He gets only the best in veggies, pellets and hay, he has an entire room to run and play in. Eventually, he will have the entire downstairs. Once I got everything set up for my rabbit, got him potty trained and...
  2. Evelyn Gomez

    I need to share something.

    Alyssa, I am a mom, and I raised 3 daughters, and I think I understand your dilemma with mom and the school counselor. I'm not sure if the counselor at your school is a licensed therapist, but maybe the district has someone else that is. Or is there another adult in your family that you are...
  3. Evelyn Gomez

    I'm obsessed with taking pictures of my rabbit! Show me your bunnies too!

    Oh I love seeing everyone's bunny, and guinea pig pics! This is Oreo in his new outdoor pen. I had to get a new one with a roof, because I was worried about a hawk that was in the area. He lives inside, but I use the outdoor pen to give him the grass and fresh air. The second pic is him...
  4. Evelyn Gomez

    Lost Rabbit

    My Holland Lop has no issue whatsoever jumping up on to the bed. The bed is on a frame and at least 2.5 feet off the floor. I didn't think he could jump when I first brought him home, but once he settled in, and was sure of his surroundings, he made quick work of jumping onto the bed with me...
  5. Evelyn Gomez

    Found bunny, need lots of help.

    What a beautiful bun! Oh my are those eyes blue? I'm swooning. Looks to be a young lionhead perhaps.
  6. Evelyn Gomez

    Tunnels and hides

    Ikea in the US has cat tunnels, not sure if Ikea UK has it. But my bunny loves the tunnel and this box.
  7. Evelyn Gomez

    How much verbal understanding do rabbits have?

    Oreo definitely understands "NO" but I think that might be tone. But if I ask "who wants a cookie?" he binkies and comes running!
  8. Evelyn Gomez

    30 Mischievous Bunnies Who Have No Regrets About Taking Over Your House

    I can relate to several of those. I'm afraid to look under the bed in his room, because I know the box spring is probably destroyed. And I won't mention the number of cords he's gotten to, even though I was sure I had fixed the problem the last time he got them. :)
  9. Evelyn Gomez

    Your Pets

    I have Lola, the crazy English Bulldog, Oreo BunBun, and two Bettas, Barbosa (red veil tail) and Doreo (blue double veil). The kids named all the animals, except Lola. Lola was a rescue and came with her name. Oreo is my grandson's bunny - I got him the bunny for his birthday ::wink wink...
  10. Evelyn Gomez

    Anyone have the KW Cages Bunny Villa?

    Oh we have the 3 story KW cage. It's a great cage, and actually gives quite a bit of room for the bunny to move around. If it's in your budget to get the 2 story - do it! You can add an additional story later if you have enough height clearance.