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  1. JadeIcing

    Sad Loss of one our Twins

    Taking this from Facebook because I really don't want to do the whole thing again... Dear Friends and Family, Many of you already know but for those who don't on Monday June 4th we found out the Baby A Natalia's heart had stopped beating. While it's far from easy to handle, we've cried and...
  2. JadeIcing

    RIP Teresa Mekare

    Our Regal Queen is gone. She is at peace.
  3. JadeIcing

    Ringo Starr

    Ringo Starr Wow who knew that at exactly 7:58pm on July 8, 2005 you were officially ours. We have had our ups and downs so many times when we didn't if you would make it. Here we are six years, six years of having you. Six years of having rabbits. In those six years we have had so many...
  4. JadeIcing

    What's For Dinner?

    We are having blue cheese hamburger sliders, steak fries, mac and cheese, and corn on the cob. :biggrin2: Will post pictures later.
  5. JadeIcing

    Word Association - 2011

  6. JadeIcing

    Binky time Elvis and Teresa
  7. JadeIcing

    Alicia and the Zoo Crew 2011

    So my first post I have to say don't feel like rehashing the last one so instead I will link to the animals facebook page. Ali and Rob's Zoo Crew Tomorrow I will post links to my old blogs and also a closing post about last year.
  8. JadeIcing

    Sick in Bed Gives me Photoshoot time

    Ok so some aren't the best. Was just snapping as I was sitting here sick in bed. Jax is my high yellow and Isa is a mack snow.
  9. JadeIcing

    New camera Cannon PowerShot SX120 IS

    Cannon PowerShot SX120 IS but my mom said I have to wait till x-mas! :):shock::D:biggrin::X
  10. JadeIcing

    Dallas Jinx Jones

    I can't say much right now because I am in shock. I just wanted to post this for now.
  11. JadeIcing

    My dog Akasha aka Kashi

    Kashi ... More to come...
  12. JadeIcing

    Question For Breeders

    Ok so what should a person look for in a breeder? Things to be aware of... ETC...
  13. JadeIcing

    Soooooo who wants in on a secret?

    First floor Dallas and Chibi... Second Wyatt.... Third Connor... Yes all levels are open. three story cage...where will life take us next....
  14. JadeIcing

    Not a good day for the rescue.

    Ok so we get a call... Several bunnies found dead and one bunny caught in Twin Brooks Park in Trumbull by Trumbull AC. The bunnies were soaked (recent thunderstorms) at least one had been hit by a car. No idea if they were dumped dead or what.They later caught two more (I believe) and believe to...
  15. JadeIcing

    Treasure Our Animals

    While this isn't about grieving one rabbit it is about the loss of different animals the last part is what I want everyone to keep in mind. I will be posting this in my blog. ----------------------- ---------------------- ----------------------- ------------ Right now I am grieving on so many...
  16. JadeIcing

    What I spend a Year

    So on March 8 I bought 3 bags of 45# litter and 2 50# of pellets. This week I used the last bag of litter and and just opened the second bag of pellets. I spent $50.41. The pellets were 16.99 a bagand the litter was $6.79 a bag. I am thinking that since the pellets lasted 2mnths I have 2mnths...
  17. JadeIcing

    Ali's Hot Topic 4-3-10 (Month 2)

    Now with Easter's coming we know that people will be buying that "Easter Bunny", some will luck out and the new owners will have done research but most will not have done it. While a topic that comes up all the time being so close to Easter thought it would be nice to bring it up. Three things...
  18. JadeIcing

    How old is your bunny?

    When I went to post in another thread about Dallas's age it got me thinking how old everyone is or will be this year.... Ringo 5 Connor 5 in Nov Teresa 5 or 6 she was about 1 when we got her Dallas 4 Elvis 4 in Aug Wyatt 4 in Aug Chibi 5 or 6 in Dec Apple 4 in Nov Montana 1 This is a guess...
  19. JadeIcing

    RO Supplies List US New England

    CT Supply List MA Supply List
  20. JadeIcing

    MA Supply List

    So I will get this started! So as most know I live in CT but I am orginally from MA and visit very often. I also plan on trying to find out where others I know shop. For pellets and hay I send my mom to Daves Soda and Pet City in Agawam. I buy my hay from here because for a $10.99 I can get a...