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  1. Bengisudeveci

    Bunny has a mass in stomach, vet thinks cardboard

    My bunny hasnt been eating by his own since yesterday afternoon. I syringe fed him home made from pellet pineapple food. We took him to the vet today, xray shows he has a very bloated stomach and some gas in his intestines. He had a rectal medicine, pain medicine. Vet says these 3 days are very...
  2. Bengisudeveci

    Not eating :(

    My rabbit doesnt want to eat anything at the moment.not even his favourites apple or alfalfa hay.he doesnt try to eat at all. He did eat lots of parsley in the mornin. Would this cause a problem? I am very scared. He has pooped one hour ago. Poop shape was normal but normally he will poop a lot...
  3. Bengisudeveci

    Bunny house materials, help needed :/

    İ have been meaning to get this cat house for my bunny. Material options are plywood- which i think if he chews it, will cause a problem. Oak tree, pine tree, alder tree. I couldn’t find any reliable info on oak or alder tree. And i know pine tree may cause liver problems if not kiln dried but i...
  4. Bengisudeveci

    Giving wood sticks/herbs from garden, pesticides

    Hi, I just asked my friend to bring some dandelion, apple willow sticks from her garden to give my rabbit.Garden has been sprayed for bugs but she said it has been a while since. How long should be waited before giving something from a garden that has been spayed with pesticides?
  5. Bengisudeveci

    Rabbit wont drink water after neuter!

    My 6 monts old rabbit got neutered yesterday. He has a cone and he is very angry about it. He can eat on his own but he cant drink. I hold him his water bowl but he didnt take it. Then I removed the cone but he just tried to lick his wound, so I had to put it back on. Should I try to gave him...
  6. Bengisudeveci

    Herbal drink for rabbit, is it safe ?

    I just a bought a herbal wellness drink for my budgie but it says also can be used for small animals. And i am thinking adding a little bit to my rabbits water. Its ingredients are Echinaceae radix (Coneflower root), ethanol, aqua purificata. I am asking to make sure its safe for my rabbit.
  7. Bengisudeveci

    3 months old rabbit, introducing vegetables

    I gave my rabbit a tiny piece of lettuce for 3 days now. Can i give him vegetables everyday ? he is 3 months old. i will introduce new vegetables every week but how much should i increase the amount ? Also when can i give him fruits (treats) ?
  8. Bengisudeveci

    Flea prevention

    Should i use flea medication to prevent fleas ? It is common where i live to use drugs every 3 months to prevent fleas, mites for rabbits just like cats and dogs. If i should which drugs are safe ? advantage is safe i guess.
  9. Bengisudeveci

    Butterflies in hay,is mothball safe to use??

    İs mothball (naphthalene) harmful to rabbits? I‘ve found butterflies in my rabbits hay and i dumped it.However i still find butterflies time to time in other hays. My mother says we should place mothball in the closet where we keep the hay ( we will move the hay to another place) so it kills the...
  10. Bengisudeveci

    İs there blood in my rabbits urine

    İs this blood ? İ have just seen this and it is scary. İs this normal ? I read that rabbit urine is sometimes orange but i am not sure.
  11. Bengisudeveci

    Regarding pellets

    Has anyone used Versele laga complete cuni junior pellet ? I live in turkey and this is the only brand i can find. The other brands are all muesli like. In turkey many people prefer to feed their rabbit with sheep pellet and thats what i am doing now. But i want to change it and get versele laga...
  12. Bengisudeveci

    Finding cecotropes in litter box

    I have found cecotropes in the litter box. would plastic grate over the litter box prevent my bunny from eating cecotropes ? The reason why i put the grate is that my bunny likes to sleep in it and dig. So pee would get all over him. Should i remove the grate ?