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  1. Happy.ears

    11 kits advice please

    My Doe had 11 kits last night, I was wondering if there is anything that I can do to help her or just let her be. I just worry she won't be able to feed them all. Any advice would be appreciated it!
  2. Happy.ears

    Singleton Advise please!

    My doe had a Singleton 4 days ago, since the weather is a little too cold and she didn't pull out much hair I decided to bring him inside with me and give it to her for feedings, I set as schedule 7am and 9pm and has been working for her because, she comes immediately to feed him but he is...
  3. Happy.ears

    Weaning advice please!

    This is my second and third litter and need some advice in how is the best way to wean babies. My first litter mom died at 26 days of babies being born, so they stayed on the cage. I read in a post here that the best way to avoid mastitis was to do it gradually, taking a way 2 Bunnies one day, 2...
  4. Happy.ears

    Are these babies moving?

    Hello, my doe is 34 days pregnant and hasn't kindle neither made a nest. I wonder if what I see is babies moving or just gut movement. I am not really good at palpation but I think I feel some Bunnies.
  5. Happy.ears

    My Doe died suddenly, kits are 26 days. Please advice!

    She was just fine, eating, drinking, pooping, nursing... all of the sudden I heard a noise (they sleep next to my room so I can watch them) I went to see and she was laying dead on her cage. My heart is broken and I am very worried for the babies, I have 2 other does that gave birth 15 days ago...
  6. Happy.ears

    Bunny color?

    Hello, I am just curious. What color is this bunny?
  7. Happy.ears

    When should I take the nesting box out of the cage?

    Hello, my buns are 19 days old today and the seem so confy in their box, I read somewhere that shouldn't be there by day 18 because it will increase the chance of nest eye. Is that true? Even if I clean it?
  8. Happy.ears

    Should I move the nest? It is outside the nestting box!

    Hello, I am new at breeding and need some advice, this is my 3rd doe having a litter, she is a new mom. I provided nestting box on day 28 as with the previous ones and she didn't care about it and made the nest on the cage. I moved it to nestting box and she destroyed and made it again outside...