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  1. Cinn-a-bun

    Moving bunny from indoor to outdoors to play.

    Now the weather is warm, like to take Cinnabun to the backyard to run and play. She loves being out there, but the problem is, she hates to be picked up. I have wrapped her in a towel, have just picked her up hiding her head under my arm. After I bring her in, she runs when she sees me and...
  2. Cinn-a-bun

    Bunny adjusting to new home.

    My niece gave me a small adult rabbit about 3 lbs. She rescued the rabbit and have cared for it a 1 1/2 years. It has been a indoor pet. And had free run of the house. I have had Cinn-a-bun for two days. He does eat and drink, but will not leave his litter box. Which is the same box he had...