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    Safe fresh veggies and bath mat?

    Hi all, so since I was told that the veggies I feed are unsafe (kale, Romain, cilantro, and curled parsley) what veggies are safe for my baby girl? I don’t have a lot of options here in Minnesota but I don have some. Also is it safe to give a bath mat for Em to lay on? I had gave her a blanket...
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    How much to feed

    So, Emmi is a French lop mini lop mix. So how much pellets and veggies can she have? Right now she gets a couple chopped up pieces of kale and Romain which equals about a cup and a half. How much pellets for a potential 10 pound rabbit?
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    Then and now

    This is Emmi then. And this is her now! Let’s see your then and now pictures!
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    Buns favorite toy/ toys

    I’m wondering what your bunny/ bunnies favorite toy or toys are. I have tried several different enrichment methods with Emmi and NONE have worked so far she only seems interested in her food dispensing toy (pictures below) but I think that’s only because it has her pellets. But then she isn’t...
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    Neuter and bonding

    I am possibly getting a male Holland lop and plan on getting him neutered and bond home with my female mini lop. Just wondering how long o should wait after I get him neutered until I can start bonding. Also, any Holland lop tips or bonding tips would be helpful! Thanks! Pictures are of my...
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    Agility, target, and clicker training

    Just wondering if anyone has done clicker, agaility, or target training with their bun and if so any tips tricks or helpful videos or advice would be great. I am currently getting Jypsy used to the whole click and treat idea which she’s getting used to. She sometimes gets food aggressive towards...
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    Here is a few pictures from today! She has gotten so sweet and just loves her pets! She has gotten less aggressive since the false pregnancy and has gotten her appetite back. She got a new ex pen and I have attached it to her old one. She has about a 6 feet by 8 feet area she can run around in...
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    Bleeding front paw

    Im no sure what happened but Jypsys front paw is bleeding really bad. I called the vet and she said treat it with paroxide. Is that safe for rabbits? Here is a picture of it. We have a wood chuck under our house so we are thinking maybe it got her but unsure. I finally got it to stop bleeding...
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    Important bun date tracker

    Thought this could be helpful for others! I keep track of important dates for my buns on a spread sheet on my laptop. I date it and type a description (see attached photo.) New photo by Danielle Carpenter
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    Prgnant bun?

    Hi everybunny.... I wasnt quite sure where to put this thread but here it goes. I think Jypsy may be pregnant. She is having signs of pregnancy. Pulling fur, moodiness, eating more, and getting fat. The thing is she was with another rabbit which her previous owner said was a buck but not at the...
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    Food agression? And some questions.

    When i touch Jypsys food dish to feed her she become agressive, lunging and showing sher teeth at me. Why would she have food agression? I know she was with another rabbit before.. Could that be it? Also when i pet by her hind leg she will flop to the side very dramaticly. Ive read that flops...
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    Breeds and pics of your bun?

    Just a fun thread to get to know what others have for buns. I have Jypsy a harlequin mix!/
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    Hi all, just some questions i need answers\help with.. 1. Is it common for a harlequin to go paralyzed? I had kne before and she had... Just need some hope this wont happen to Jypsy. 2. Any dieases i need to be concered about for harlequins? 3. What would make a good run for her...
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    DIY cage cleaner

    Just wondering if it is safe to make a cage deodorizing spray. I am looking for a cheap reciepe... This is the video i found. I would use an orange citrus oil... Is this safe
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    Jypsy will do what sounds like humming.. Almost like a grunt but much softer. She does it as she runs around or is petted. What is that? And why does she do it? I have never had a rabbit do this!
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    New hutch?

    I am wondering if this is an ok hutch for my harlequin rabbit. I am unsure about the tray as it looks metal.. Those are the pictures and dimensions of the hutch. Thank you all!
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    Injury from last home?

    So I got a new bunny and she had a little sore when I got her that has now turned into a hole.. its closing with the treatment the vet has doing... My vet isnt all too familiar with rabbits. I was wondering is Proxide ok for rabbits??