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  1. Nuage

    Bunny Proofing the Couch- Help!

    Oreo recently started moving the C and C grids (technically they are freezer dividers, but it's the same concept of C and C grids) that block her off from the back of the couch. The back of the couch leads to our lamp and cords, which wasn't a problem until she could access behind the couch. Any...
  2. Nuage

    I Finally Got Oreo to Eat Lots of Hay!

    So, I don't think I've talked about this here, but I've been struggling to get Oreo to eat hay. For a while, I have used meadow hay, but she suddenly started eating less hay. This was right before an annual vet visit, so I talked to the vet about it then. The vet didn't find anything wrong with...
  3. Nuage

    My Bunny Rolled Over- Is It Normal?

    So, Oreo just rolled the whole way over when she was doing a flop. Is this normal?
  4. Nuage

    Is it safe to use this for a photo shoot?

    Would this be okay to put on for a few minutes for a photo shoot?
  5. Nuage

    How to Prepare for an Emergency Evacuation

    What are some ways to prepare for an emergency evacuation? Should I prepare a BOB (Bug Out Bag) with hay, pellets, etc.? Thanks!
  6. Nuage

    Is this herb mix rabbit safe?

    Is this herb mix safe?
  7. Nuage

    Oreo's First Birthday!

    Tomorrow is Oreo's first birthday! I thought I'd share what I am doing for it! I made a bunny cake, DIY toy, and got her a box of Oxbow toys! Tomorrow, I will share pictures, images, and Oreo's birthday video! If you have any questions to ask about Oreo reply to this thread, and they may be in...
  8. Nuage

    Is this a good litter?

    I'm currently looking into changing Oreo's litter. Is this a good litter?
  9. Nuage

    Oreo's Blog and 14 Subscriber Q&A!

    (I wasn't sure where to put this!) Hello! For Oreo's 14 subscribers, we will be doing a Q&A! Leave your question here or Oreo's newest video, Oreo Eating Dinner! Thank you for all of the subscribers, I only imagined getting 1 subscriber (aka my brother)! Also, I started a blog for Oreo! It...
  10. Nuage

    Rabbit Agility Jumps-- Will it be much harder?

    I was thinking about purchasing a rabbit jump to teach Oreo to jump over it. She's already been trained to jump over legs, spin, high five, paw, and figure eight around my legs. Would it be much harder to train her to jump over jumps, than teaching her to do the tricks mentioned earlier?
  11. Nuage

    I changed my bunny's diet. Is this normal?

    I recently changed Oreo's diet from 1/4 of Oxbow Adult rabbit pellets to one table spoon of pellets and increased her hay amount. Her poops have gotten larger. Is this normal? I can add pictures if need.
  12. Nuage

    Warrior Stories

    So, I started a series of stories called Warrior Stories on a hamster forum called Hamster Hideout Forum. I'm going to make a sister series to that with the the same name, but about rabbits! I'll try to post a chapter a day. I hope you enjoy! Kao: introduction I'm kao. I'm a female lion head...
  13. Nuage

    Share Your Inktober Drawings!

    Anybody participating in Inktober 2020 can post their drawings here! Here are my first four. Inktober Day 1- Fish Inktober Day 2- Wisp (can you find the little fire wisp) Inktober Day 3- Bulky (lol bulky hay) Inktober Day 4- Radio
  14. Nuage

    Are the 101 Rabbits fruity balsa blocks good?

    Has anyone tried the 101 Rabbits fruity balsa blocks? If so, are they good? I'm thinking about getting Oreo the Just Carrots fling for her birthday and the Fruity Balsa Blocks 5 pack for Christmas. Any insight is welcome!
  15. Nuage

    My Favorite Rabbit Info Sources

    I thought I'd just share some of my favorite rabbit info sources. 101 Rabbits YouTube Channel One of my favorite sources for rabbit info is 101 Rabbits. Haley covers a lot of different topics that are helpful for all bunny owners. Stormy Rabbits...
  16. Nuage

    Hedge hogs as pets???

    I noticed an add for c&c condos for hedge hogs????? Do people actually have hedge hogs as pets??? It's illegal where I live to have hedge hogs as pets. - the add
  17. Nuage

    Preparing for a bunny sitter.

    I go on vacation next week, and I'm preparing for Oreo to go to my grandparents (they used to have rabbits). I bagged each serving of pellets, and will do the same with veggies later. I got hay and litter for Oreo. I purchased extra pens so she can somewhat free roam, but she will still be...
  18. Nuage

    Is the Sherwood Pet Rabbit Emergency Kit with Timothy Recovery Food good?

    Has anybody tried the Sherwood Pet rabbit emergency kit? I was wondering if it would be good to have for an emergency, as Oreo hates Critical Care. It comes with Recovery food (same concept as Critical Care) and Appetite Restore...
  19. Nuage

    What is your opinion on the brand Kaytee for food?

    My neighbor gave me some Carrot Alfalfa nibbles from the brand Kaytee, that his rabbit did not like. I read the ingredients and did not know what some of them were. Out of curiosity I looked at other Kaytee foods for rabbits and I feel that some of the ingredients are questionable, so I was just...
  20. Nuage

    Has Anybody Ever Had a Laid Back Mini Lop?

    I was reading an article on holland lops vs mini lops. It said that mini lops are laid back, jovial, mellow. Oreo is the complete opposite so I was wondering if anybody has ever had a mini lop that is laid back? The Website: