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  1. Hazelbun

    Sad day peanut

    I’m sorry for your loss 😔
  2. Hazelbun

    Scabies and continuous eye boogers

    Hi! Bubu is beautiful and looks like he’s better! We were told during recovery process to wash our bunny’s linens frequently and dry on high heat, and to make sure to wipe everything down every few days with diluted bleach solution (allowing to dry before use) to prevent reinfection as the...
  3. Hazelbun

    Scabies and continuous eye boogers

    His nose looks pink and irritated too. My rabbit had this when we rescued her. She had scratched her cornea because it was so itchy. We had to give her antibiotic drops twice a day and kept her on Revolution for a couple of months to make sure that the mites were gone. I hope he gets well soon.🙏💕
  4. Hazelbun

    Easter Bunny Contest - PICTURES, PICTURES, PICTURES

    They’re adorable 🥰
  5. Hazelbun

    Goodbye my Banunu

    I’m sorry about your loss of such a sweet bunny. Rest In peace, Bananu.
  6. Hazelbun

    should I be worried? Rabbit created hole through bed sheet..

    Looks like that to me too. 🙏
  7. Hazelbun

    should I be worried? Rabbit created hole through bed sheet..

    Hazel likes to make sure everyone’s paying attention and threatens to chew this piano leg occasionally.
  8. Hazelbun

    Hay Problems

    Some bunnies are finicky about hay texture. Ours likes thick, tough longer pieces. She devours Oxbow Timothy hay in the 9 pound bags. If we change brands or use smaller bags with lots of little “grass clippings” she gets frustrated. She will scatter that all over her litter box, throw it on...
  9. Hazelbun

    RHDV2 confirmed in NM, AZ; spread to native rabbits

    Thank you very much for sharing this info.
  10. Hazelbun


    Praying your bunny is doing better! (How’s she doing?)
  11. Hazelbun

    Here's Poppa...

    Welcome, Poppa’s Momma, he is beautiful. It is sooo heartwarming to see another sweet bunny get rescued and have a real home and family of his own to love! We rescued ours and love her more every day.
  12. Hazelbun


    Glad your bunny is better! We realized after a 4-5 hour long hunger strike that our bunny will not eat hay or snacks if her greens are even slightly not fresh. Kale, no matter how green, gives off an odor if it’s starting going bad... (Also, she only likes long, thick pieces of hay. As soon as...
  13. Hazelbun

    Flaky skin and falling off. I have no ideas.

    When we found our rescue bunny she had mange mites, and the only signs were redness, scaly skin, yellowish crust around just her ear margins, nose and eyes. We tried everything natural and gentle in the beginning like olive oil and it did not help. The rabbit vet said often in the beginning...