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  1. Czarina

    Rabbits getting "meaner"

    idk what to title but here's my problem, these days they've been kind of a mean where when i try to pick them up they'll bite me or scratch me just to jump back to their cage. It's sad because their first days in my house they loved my cuddles plus they would always jump on me every time for...
  2. Czarina

    Losing hair patches

    These days my rabbit just keeps on having hair patches on her ears and the other one loses hair from the nose area and i'm worried abt it, i already searched it on google and said that it was because of lice, mites and fleas although i can't even find one on their whole body, are there any...
  3. Czarina

    New member

    Hi i don't know if other people will see this but I have a question,, is it okay for my rabbit to only eat every 5 hours? I'm a new member btw nice to meet you guys