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  1. nicolekline97

    4th housing change

    We have had Lucy for over a year and are having our 4th big housing change for her. Our first bunny house was too small and she would pee off the side. The next choice was a very large dog kennel. It was an eye sore and too big. The next choice was a wooden cover over her litter with an X pen at...
  2. nicolekline97

    Grumpy Bunny

    Lately Lucy has been more territorial and sometimes aggressive. This morning I was cleaning her litter and she was standing up and leaning on my back. Then she was lightly biting my toes. Later today she hopped up on the couch and was tearing it up (already torn up). A couple weeks ago my...
  3. nicolekline97

    What do you think?

    Lucy is mostly litter trained. She ocassionally puts her poop buy her litter or in a closet. Anyway her area is a dog crate and it I'd an eyesore. I was thinking about getting a covered kitty pan and making a wooden box table to put over it that has a small box "stair" and padding it so she can...
  4. nicolekline97

    Should I stay up?

    I had surgery today and am really tired. My bunny who weighs 18lbs ate a bite of hotdog that didn't get swept up. Do I need to stay up and watch her? I am not sure how serious it is.
  5. nicolekline97

    New Area, Need some ideas please

    I have a larger breed rabbit. She has her area in our large dining room. She currently has the 2nd largest dog crate and we use an x-pen attached to the crate and give her a long area to play in. We do not have a lot of space to put our rabbits. We may be switching things around a bit. I would...
  6. nicolekline97


    Lucy has a birthday this week, my son does too...same day actually. I told the kids we are not celebrating Lucy's birthday the same day as Jacob. I would probably get Lucy strawberries as it is one of her favorite fruits or cranberries if they have them for sale. Sing her a song and people...
  7. nicolekline97

    Grass and wheatgrass

    On they have organic grass seed as well as wheatgrass. Can I plant these in a pot and allow Lucy to eat them?
  8. nicolekline97


    I have an indoor rabbit 9 months old. She goes outside and runs a bit but not much at all. She doesn't have free run of the house. Besides a tunnel are there any "things" I can buy or make to encourage her to play more? She has the 2nd biggest dog crate and an exercise pen. I am planning on...
  9. nicolekline97

    Need Educated on Hay

    I live in the USA and need to be educated on what to look for with hay. What kind of cuttings? Preference for "brands" that seem to have good hay? I have bought several different brands...some looked more like grass, some very long, others had a lot of dust and were tiny pieces. What is ideal...
  10. nicolekline97

    Indoor growing

    I was wondering if any of you grow greens in the cooler months inside to help supplement your rabbit's greens:) I just have basil that I bought indoors. I thought about growing dill and cilantro. Curious what has worked for any of you. Nicole
  11. nicolekline97

    Jumping Out of Arms

    My rabbit is quite large and strong. I would say she is approximately 13lbs. The last 2 days when I have had her in my arms she has jumped out of my arms. Most of the time when I pick her up it is to take her in or out of a place not carrying her around. If I have to carry her more than 30...
  12. nicolekline97

    Messy Behavior

    My rabbit (flemish) was dumping bowls and dishes and made a mess. I bought a feeder and waterer where it comes out automatically and gave me about 3 days before needing to add fresh water and additional pellets. Lucy eats romaine, parsley, cilantro, sprayed greens and leaves, plus hay...
  13. nicolekline97

    Mannapro sho pellets

    I was running low on rabbit pellets. My rabbit started eating more all of the sudden. The regular food wouldn't be here in time. So I ordered Mannapro Sho. It had good reviews but I wanted to ask here. We had been using oxbow garden pellets for young rabbits. Just wondering if anyone has an...
  14. nicolekline97

    First injury but OKAY now

    Lucy had her first bunny injury. She somehow got her foot stuck in her crate in the smallest section. She wiggled out herself but the sound was terrible. No one could have prepared me for the sound of a hurt rabbit! 5 minutes after the injury (2 days ago) she was acting normal. That sure gave me...
  15. nicolekline97

    Pineapple water

    My rabbit has never been a big drinker. I have a good sized bowl she drinks from. She does drink but not much. I have given her water with pineapple juice flavoring it to encourage drinking and she drinks all of it. She is around 11lbs. And I have to assume she should be drinking more water...
  16. nicolekline97

    Flemish rabbit litter pan idea

    I have searched online and in forums. Somewhere a heavy duty pan that is used for possibly mixing a material for construction was suggested as a great deep litter pan for larger rabbits. Since we brought Lucy home we have changed litterpans 4 times because she was too big and urinating off the...
  17. nicolekline97

    Escape Artist

    Today I had barricaded the stairs on our deck and moved all furniture around the railing. I had spent almost 2 hours with Lucy outside. I had the door open. I thought she was safe. I looked out and she was gone. I called and looked all over the house. I went outside. A lady was taking photos of...
  18. nicolekline97

    Rabbit accidents

    My rabbit marks in a corner. It is the main place she urinates. Most of the time she is in her crate or supervised. Each morning she barely can wait to get out and go outside. Sometimes I like to make coffee or throw on a sweatshirt and have her free roaming for a few minutes. Today I caught...
  19. nicolekline97


    My rabbit Mark's in a corner. Today I caught her right after and put her in the crate where her litter is. Is there a better way to deal with accidents when they happen ? I have searched the forums for litter training.
  20. nicolekline97

    Bunny and weight

    My rabbit is a female Flemish rabbit. I was looking at what she should weigh now and she is about 1 month behind on the low side of normal. She mostly eats hay with fresh greens daily. Should I try to get her weight up? Or not worry and just let her eat and be at the weight that comes natural...