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  1. BethM

    Need bonding advice

    Benjamin and Opal have been doing REALLY well at their bonding sessions. They were up to an hour, sometimes more, in a pen in the living room. I was putting Benjamin's litter box and house in with them, as those will be the ones they will share. They were grooming each other, with no signs of...
  2. BethM

    false pregnancy?

    I haven't posted much lately, I know..... People who know me, know I'm a worrier. So. This evening Opal has been acting strange, digging in one spot of her pen, and I went in and she was carrying around mouthfuls of hay and putting them around the spot where she's been digging. Looks like she's...
  3. BethM

    What should I be feeding my young bunny??

    So, I took Opal and Benjamin to the HRS meeting last Saturday, it was a good bonding opportunity. The woman who was fostering Opal's brother and sister was there with them, and they were a fair size larger than Opal. I realized that I haven't been feeding Opal enough, and am a bit ashamed. I...
  4. BethM


    Poor Benjamin has a stomach ache this evening. When I got home from work he was hanging out in his litter box, which he never does. Husband said he'd been there for 30 minutes, and didn't eat any pellets at dinner time. I gave him some simethicone around 5:30 pm. His tummy felt puffed up and...
  5. BethM

    When will I know it is time to spay?

    I just adopted Opal on Saturday. She is young and not spayed yet. The first introduction with Benjamin went REALLY well, she groomed him a lot, and didn't seem to mind much when he mounted her. (He's neutered.) Yesterday's bonding session was ok, but today's was pretty stressful, as all he...
  6. BethM

    Benjamin's new love

    Benjamin got to go on some dates today. The first two didn't go well, he got nipped from both of them. The the third date..... He met a little girl bunny that is in foster care. She was left in a box by someone's mailbox, along with her brother and sister, then taken to the shelter, now she's...
  7. BethM

    I need name suggestions!

    So, anyone who has seen my New Bunny thread knows my new girl turned out to be a boy. I am terrible with names, so I'm open to name suggestions. (I'm terrible at thinking of names!) He is an all-black Netherland Dwarf. He was turned into the rescue with the name Diggie, and was called that for...
  8. BethM

    New Bunny

    (Pictures at the bottom!) A few weeks ago, Husband and I decided we should try to find a girlfriend for Benjamin. He seemed lonely to use, spending most of his time just sitting and staring. (He's not really into toys or chewing.) Plus, after nearly a year of being with us, he's still very shy...
  9. BethM

    Canon PowerShot SD1400

    So lately I've been thinking about replacing my digital camera. My little Koday V603 (6 mp, 3x zoom) used to be great, but lately it's just really annoying. My battery hardly holds a charge anymore. I bought a second battery a year or so ago, but it never held a charge for too long (plus it...
  10. BethM


    Does anyone else's bunny snore? Yesterday afternoon, I heard this really strange noise coming out of the rabbit room when I walked by. I peeked in, and Benjamin was the only one asleep. I watched him a little while, and he was indeed snoring. Didn't know if I should laugh or be worried!
  11. BethM

    Work Sucks.

    Bad day, long rant. So I've been with this company for 5 1/2 years. Work in the warehouse. After 6 months of picking and packing orders, I got a position checking the outgoing packages. I also did random things here and there for my boss that don't really fall under anyone else. Error rates are...
  12. BethM

    LOL Bunnies?

    Does anyone know what happened to I miss it. :(
  13. BethM


    Just a note- I had this all written out, but then heard a rabbit thump, went to check on them, and came back to find my Firefox had closed. :( Ok. Start again. I don't talk much about this irl, because people usually just laugh and tell me to get over it. I am afraid to be alone in my house...
  14. BethM

    Udder Cream Question

    I picked up a tube of Udderly Smooth Udder Cream today to put on Tobi's sore hock. It took me awhile to find the stuff, and I just grabbed the tube when I found it, didn't pay attention. I opened it this evening to apply to her foot, and it's got a fragrance to it. The small print on the tube...
  15. BethM

    hunger strike

    I opened a new box of hay the week before last, and none of my bunnies are eating it. They're eating some hay, but they're not scarfing it down like they used to. It's the same brand of hay I've been using for three years, and no one in my rescue group (where I purchase the hay from) has had...
  16. BethM

    Question about sunflower seeds

    On Pam's suggestion, I want to add sunflower seeds to Benjamin's diet to help him gain weight. I've never fed these before, so I have a couple of questions: What kind do I get? The ones sold for wild birds? Do I feed them whole? Also, what is a "normal" weight range for a healthy...
  17. BethM

    I hate insurance of all kinds

    So I've been having a bit of bad luck lately and I just need to rant about it somewhere. Really, I want to scream. This is going to be long, but I just need to get it out. On Saturday, I got a bill from my Ear/Nose/Throat doctor. I had an appointment in September, just an office visit. Dr...
  18. BethM

    High calorie veggies?

    I am wondering if there is a higher-calorie (but still healthy) vegetable that I can add to Benjamin's salad to help put weight on him. Normal salad at my house is leaf lettuce, dandelion greens, parsley, and cilantro. I took Benjamin in last night for his first vet visit since we got him...
  19. BethM

    iPhone and iTouch users:

    I think the title says it all. I just got my new iPhone yesterday (can watch the bunny-cam from anywhere now, yay!!!) and would like to hear suggestions on good apps.
  20. BethM

    My new and improved Rabbit Room

    Over Labor Day weekend, I took advantage of the extra day off to re-do my Rabbit Room. Previously, it was not arranged well, so it was very cramped. There is now plenty of room to move around in. The rabbit room, from the door. The room is 9' by 15'. Hardwood floors with two cotton rugs...