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  1. Zekeybun

    Pellet Preferences

    Hey everyone- I had been doing some scouting through old forms but cannot find quite the info I’m looking for so I’m starting a new thread. We currently have a Rex-Lionhead mix who I’ve had on Oxbow Adult Rabbit food as that’s what the shelter she came from was feeding at the time. We just...
  2. Zekeybun

    Goodbye Buddy

    Lost my sweet lop boy last week and am still having an incredibly hard time coping. He was as mischievous as they come and we chased him out of everything. He was the character of our house and we made so many changes to just accommodate the goofy guy. Weighing down the trash can, putting the...
  3. Zekeybun

    Ear Language

    Hello everyone! Lately our bun has been using some newer body language and I was hoping I could get some opinions on how you would read it? I’ve tried some online looking but can’t match up the pose. For reference she’s very timid free roam bun who usually sticks to corners and under tables but...
  4. Zekeybun

    Do you re-bond?

    Hey everyone I’ve received a lot of great advice here even just from ghost stalking board and I thought I would reach out. Unfortunately this past weekend we lost our guy Zeke. He showed signs of GI and we immediately rushed him to the vet, it was over two hours away as were in a very rural...
  5. Zekeybun

    Bonded pair but only one needs to see the vet

    After a long struggle I finally got my pair bonded I took them in for a checkup and nail trim and to have a small lump checked out on Zeke, vet said it looked like an abscess likely nothing but she wanted to remove it and biopsy to be sure. I can only take Zeke and he will he boarded for the day...
  6. Zekeybun

    Destructive Bun! Hoping for help!

    I have recently bonded my French lop with the sweetest lion head mix. She is an absolute angle so sweet and kind all the time she loves to play and run and getting all of the pets! The only issue is she’s incredibly destructive with soft surfaces- ie the carpet, my comforter and sheets, pillows...
  7. Zekeybun

    Rabbit Unbonding Woes

    This week, let me tell you. I had recently about three months ago finally bonded my rather finicky pair. My male, Zeke, a French lop and his newly adopted girl friend, Ava, a lion head mix. Zeke is about a year old and Ava is just under. Bonding was originally difficult but we had a breakthrough...
  8. Zekeybun

    Help us identify our bunny?

    Zeke is about a year old now and I’m constantly asked what kind of rabbit he is I’m hoping someone might have some insight? When we reduced his we were told he was a French Lop and he’s got a crazy fuzzy wooly coat and looks spot on like an American Fuzzy Lop. He’s about 16 pounds, about a foot...
  9. Zekeybun

    Where to find items for a real big bun?

    I recently adopted a rabbit who is at risk for ending up the pound if you didn’t find a home. As a kid we had several mini Rex’s and I’ve had a fair bit of experience there. We took my new boy Zeke to the vet for general exam and found out that he is actually a giant lop and almost 10 pounds...