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  1. Daisy's Mom

    Bald spot - did I do this?

    Is this normal? I was brushing Daisy this evening... could I have done this? This is the comb I use. It was recommended on here. I brushed her about 2 weeks ago - she isn't a huge fan of being brushed... she definitely didn't have the bald spot then. Any advice would be appreciated! Daisy will...
  2. Daisy's Mom

    Going on vacation... solo bunny

    Hi All. I've read a few of the posts regarding leaving your bunny home & having someone come over daily. I will be gone for 1 week. Here at home we also have our two dogs. They will be with us. So, Daisy will be home alone. I've considered taking Daisy with me. But, it's a good 6 hour drive...