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  1. DaisyE

    Facebook groups?

    Are there any good rabbit groups on facebook I can also join? Does this forum have an active group? Thanks :bambiandthumper
  2. DaisyE

    Update good & bad! New bunnies!

    I don't know if many of you will remember me, but its been a looooong time since I've been active on here. I had the chocolate rex that I took in from a pet store that I worked at. Well to update he unfortunately passed, he turned out to be a lot older than we thought :cry1: I no longer...
  3. DaisyE

    X-pen help...what can I do?

    I have a little room under the stairs that is only used for junk & I had a great idea to turn it into my bunny's new home! I've cleared it out & theres nothing that can harm him & I have a baby gate in the doorway as well as the door that closes [for when I'm not able to supervise, at night...
  4. DaisyE

    Bunny refuses to use litterbox!

    I have been trying to get my boy to use the litter box, but he refuses...& actually puts his butt up to the bars & pees thru them onto my floor :yuck I got him a high back corner litter pan & have followed your advice on here by putting his peed on bedding in it & putting the litter pan in the...
  5. DaisyE

    Faint whistling...

    A lot of you may have seen my thread about my rescue bun...I think we are going with Hershey for his name :) Anyway, I noticed this morning when I was talking to him softly & trying to coax him out of his igloo that he makes this very soft whistling noise when he breathes...I was talking to him...
  6. DaisyE

    When should I neuter him?

    I just got my adult male bun yesterday, he was a rescue...I plan to neuter him, but when should I do it? Should I do it ASAP or wait & give him a month or so to settle & bond with us...I just worry that when the time comes he'll hate us! I don't want it to traumatize him or anything hes been...
  7. DaisyE

    New- Need advice on a rescue!

    Hello from California! Came across this forum & was hoping I could get the advice I seriously need! I work at a small chain pet store that has a few small animals for sale...sadly they seriously do NOT take good care of them, they are treated like merchandise not like the living feeling...