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  1. BethM

    Should the rabbitry become a private forum? (All May Vote)

    I missed the poll because I don't come here very much anymore. When I joined, it seemed like most of the active members were pet and/or rescue, which is what I liked about this forum. There didn't seem to be very many threads about the more controversial breeder topics. As the breeder talk (and...
  2. BethM

    Some questions for the vegetarians / vegans on here

    Just now seeing this thread...... As a vegetarian, I do recommend reducing meat consumption. Even if it's one or two days a week, it can make a big difference. I don't like to be preachy about it, though, diet is a very personal thing. Be careful in generalizations, though, there is...
  3. BethM

    Family on Facebook

    I'm "friends" with quite a few of my family members on facebook. I also have a few co-workers on there. But I am a big fan of using lists and privacy controls. Co-workers are extremely limited as to what they can see. I also lock out certain lists of people from seeing some updates, pictures...
  4. BethM


    JadeIcing wrote: Oh, I NEED this!!!! Why must I live in a town with such a small Asian community?? :cry1:
  5. BethM

    EARTHLINGS (warning, graphic)

    maxysmummy wrote: No problem. :) The term Vegan is a whole lifestyle, not just a diet. Vegans strive to avoid all animal products in all aspects of their life- food, clothing, personal care products, etc. Someone is either vegan, or they're not vegan.
  6. BethM

    EARTHLINGS (warning, graphic)

    maxysmummy wrote: If you eat fish, you are not "semi-vegan," you are pescetarian. And, by the way, you can get omega-3's from vegetarian sources:
  7. BethM

    EARTHLINGS (warning, graphic)

    fuzz16 wrote: I'm sorry, but this is absolutely not true. So many people (Americans, especially) have been brainwashed into believing that that we need tons and tons of protein, every meal, all the time, when we really don't. The average adult needs about .8 grams of protein per kilogram of...
  8. BethM

    i'm thinking of doing something

    My first thought was....ewwww, I would not hug a stranger!! I watched the video, and it looks very nice, though. Still not sure if I'd hug a stranger, but that's me. Don't know about the "donation" part of it....Personally, I only donate to established organizations, and then only directly to...
  9. BethM

    Recommend some fragrance free products!

    I have a jar of coconut oil in my kitchen, might have to try it on my hands....
  10. BethM

    Black Friday / Cyber Monday - what sales are you following?

    My family doesn't really exchange gifts, so I don't do a whole lot of Christmas shopping. I'll send a package to a friend of mine, but I just have a box going for her all the time, and add little things here and there. I did need a lipstick to go with my outfit today, so I stopped by the mall...
  11. BethM

    Recommend some fragrance free products!

    kirbyultra wrote: I know, right? My eczema is mostly just on my hands, now. When I was young it covered my hands and the bottoms of my feet, and behind my ears. Now it's pretty much just on my palms and a little between my fingers. When it gets itchy, though, it's torture. I'm glad the 365...
  12. BethM

    Recommend some fragrance free products!

    nermal71 wrote: Agreed. Witch hazel is awesome! I always have a bottle in the cabinet. Love using it for bug bites.
  13. BethM

    Recommend some fragrance free products!

    Toner is an astringent that helps close up pores and tighten up skin, at least it feels like it. I use it before bed, right before putting on my night-time moisturizers. It just takes away any oil that develops after I cleansed, closess up my pores a bit, and cleans away any lingering...
  14. BethM

    Recommend some fragrance free products!

    nermal71 wrote: Could you post a link to that when you get it? I hear a lot of "x is made in China so it has lead in it...." rumors when there's no evidence. Not saying you are spreading things, but I'd like to see the source so I can know which ones to avoid. :)
  15. BethM

    Recommend some fragrance free products!

    Oh no, that's too bad the FAB Ultra Repair Cream doesn't work for you. I actually don't hardly smell the fragrance in it, which is unusual since I'm so sensitive to smells. I'm glad you were able to get a free sample to try before buying it. I have their cleanser, I got it in a kit, but haven't...
  16. BethM

    Recommend some fragrance free products!

    nermal71 wrote: Thanks for that link. I wonder if Method has changed their ingredients list since that guide was published? That publication is over a year old, so I expect some of the information is outdated. I know Method has recently discontinued a few things and reformulated some others...
  17. BethM

    Recommend some fragrance free products!

    Let me know how things work for you, if you try them out. I'm always on the lookout for more things things that are non-allergenic, too. :) I also like Method products. I buy them at Target, and they're also available at Whole Foods. A lot of their items are available in "no dye/no perfume"...
  18. BethM

    Recommend some fragrance free products!

    My husband has random hives/rashes and it's usually from cleaning products and such. We've switched to a lot of fragrance-free stuff, or things with more natural fragrances, and it seems to have helped him. I am also very sensitive to perfumes, sitting next to someone wearing even mild perfume...
  19. BethM

    Need bonding advice

    We're still working on this, but it's going slowly. We had two bonding sessions by removing the divider in the pen. Benjamin got frisky, and Opal got a little aggressive with him. (She always starts out by just running away, but eventually gets fed up and starts nipping.) This past...
  20. BethM


    hln917 wrote: I use my Dyson on my hardwood floors, no problems. I don't know if this is standard on all models, but mine has a rotating brush bar that can be turned on/off with a button. The manual states that the brush bar should be set to off for wood floors (though I sometimes leave it...