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    I am closing this thread, as Watermelons said soliciting for funds is not allowed on the forum.
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    Rabbit drawings thread Added a couple of these drawings on the RO Facebook page with a link back to this thread for proper credit to be given to the artist/s. These are so good.
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    Do you have a pet rabbit?

    Would love to hear an update on everyone. Do you still have a rabbit? If so post some details.
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    No problem, just want to share because I find it cute

    Do you have a photo of him? Sounds adorable. Angie
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    January 2016 - Rabbit of the Month

    Please vote for one of these great Rabbits. The poll is active thru the 30th of the month.
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    January 2016 - Rabbit of the Month

    I'm late getting the poll up. I'll do that now. Thanks for being patient.
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    Best Rabbit Pics Contest

    This would be a great addition to Rabbit of the Month contest that's underway.
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    January 2016 - Rabbit of the Month

    I'm going to put up a poll tomorrow evening for voting on all the entries.
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    January 2016 - Rabbit of the Month

    Any more beautiful rabbits?
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    January 2016 - Rabbit of the Month

    We are going to start this up again, but a little bit different than in the past. You can post a photo of your bunny, one per post. In each post there should be a few lines of information about your bunny. Maybe the history, or their personality or favorite toy, etc. Since we are...
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    How to enter?

    I'll talk to the mods and see what we can work out. That is one handsome bunny.
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    Happy New Year

    Good morning. 2016 is almost here! What do you have planned for celebrating the entrance to the new year? Any New Year photos of your bunnies? I will probably stay home and watch the ball drop in New York.
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    ~*~ Merry Christmas Rabbits Online ~*~

    Seasons Greetings and Merry Christmas. Anyone else have a photo of your cute bunnies ready for Christmas? Santa Bunny? Elf Bunny? I really enjoy seeing all the Rabbit photos that you all post.
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    Season's Greetings!

    Merry Christmas, and Other Greetings that may apply to your outlook on life. Or even Happy Winter Soltice as today is the shortest daylight day. After today we start having more light each day. Post your Season's Greetings. And a Rabbit in an outfit or cute pose would be great to see.
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    ~*~ Merry Christmas Rabbits Online ~*~

    Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all of you, too. Whichever holiday you choose, or all of them!
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    Christmas costumes

    I had to make that little black one the cover of the RabbitOnline forum Facebook page.
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    Any pics of buns

    The bottom view of cinder bunny is now the cover photo for the RabbitsOnline facebook page.
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    October or Autumn photos with bunnies

    Greetings I would like to share some seasonal photos of bunnies on the facebook page cover position, and link back to your bunny. Maybe with Asters, Pumpkins or fallen colored leaves? Also, how great is it to have another reason to take photos of...
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    looking for old member

    I have checked the member list and possible emails addresses and do not see her listed at this time. Hopefully a long time member may be able to help you.
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    Cover of Rabbits Online FB page

    If your bunny is not in the Rabbit's listing, you may want to add information.