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  1. jeanluc_pippen_merry

    Hermaphrodite bunny?

    I was cleaning Padme's bottom today (cashmere mini lop) and i found what appeared to be testicles. They're on both sides and partially covered by fur. I just wanted to take quick pics as i didn't want to stress her out any more since i still had to finish cleaning her bum. She has a vagina which...
  2. jeanluc_pippen_merry

    What does rabbit scent glad spray smell like?

    Because Padme smells fishy but Merry's litter tray smells fishy too now. At first i thought Padme was being given fish oil or something, then thought maybe it had something to do with the diet but now that i noticed the same smell coming from Merry im wondering if it is their territorial spray...
  3. jeanluc_pippen_merry

    Pippin did a stringy poo today

    Are there any simple and effective remedies anyone recommends?
  4. jeanluc_pippen_merry

    When fur is matted down to the skin

    And turned into felt, is there any point trying to brush it out, or is it time to cut it out? My little cashie (like a fuzzy lop) came to me fur full of chaff, wood shavings, pee stained and matted. Some of the little mats could be brushed out easily, but a lot of them are matted down to te...
  5. jeanluc_pippen_merry

    Pee stained fur

    I didn't think to take a picture while i was grooming her, i just put her back in her hutch but will take one when i groom her again tomorrow morning. But her feet and butt are stained yellow and she stinks of pee. Also, she smells a little fishy... I noticed that the breeders rabbitry smells a...
  6. jeanluc_pippen_merry

    Merry being aggressive

    I brought the new bun home yesterday and i let them sniff each other through the hutch bars and i guess everything seemed ok. But today i let them do it again except i let Padme have a little bit of room outside her hutch (i put up a play pen around it) and Merry was trying to bite her. Not only...
  7. jeanluc_pippen_merry

    Any fellow gamers here?

    I am only playing world of warcraft atm, but will be playing starwars the old republic when it's released. I used to play star trek, aion and rift.
  8. jeanluc_pippen_merry

    How do you blow out fur?

    I never tried this kind of grooming on JLP before but thought about doing it with Padme. Can i do it with a normal hair dryer or does it suck it out rather than blow, and in that case what do you use to do it? I used to use a brush on JLP but that didn't work very well. I don't know how to...
  9. jeanluc_pippen_merry

    Does anyone elses bunny

    Wiggle its tail when it eats? It's the first time i have seen any of my rabbits do it. I was watching Merry eating and she was twitching as usual but then she wiggled her tail lol.
  10. jeanluc_pippen_merry

    Newfie or Mastiff?!?!?!?

    I absolutely love both breeds and can't decide which i am going to get. Now that we have a house and should be moved in the next 6-8 weeks i will have the room for 1. I love all coloured newfies but landseers are my fav. Black brindle and the really light fawn are my fav mastiffs (english)...
  11. jeanluc_pippen_merry

    Is he constipated?

    I noticed Pip making funny movements yesterday. For example when he would go to scratch his cheek with his back foot, it looked like he was struggling to get it up there. And when he would get up it looked like a struggle too and looked strange. I had a vet appointment booked already so i asked...
  12. jeanluc_pippen_merry

    Just fresh sleep in eyes?

    Or does it look more concerning to you? It doesn't smell or anything and will be taking them in for a visit to the vet next week, but want to know if you guys think it looks normal or like something to be concerned about. Pic1 Pic2
  13. jeanluc_pippen_merry

    Is sleep in their eyes normal?

    I always assumed it was what humans get when they wake up in the morning, what i have always known as "sleep", crusty stuff in the corner of the eye(s). He has this every morning and i always clean it for him but that's the only time he has it that's why i assume it's sleep. Is that all it is or...
  14. jeanluc_pippen_merry

    Merry wont leave Pippin alone

    She has just recently started to try to hump Pippin and never leaves him alone. She is always demanding he groom her by shoving her head under his no matter what he is doing. Even if he happens to be snoozing, she'll just come up to him and shove her head under his and will keep doing it till he...
  15. jeanluc_pippen_merry

    This is so cute...

    But so mean! He really wants the treat. xD
  16. jeanluc_pippen_merry

    Funny stories and/or memories, share yours!

    Ok so i was used to seeing Jean-luc assert his dominance, but one day when he was humping Pippin, he suddenly froze and fell off him. I was horrified and thought he had some kind of seizure. But he got up a few secs later and was ok. Well a few mins later he humped Pipping again, and to my...
  17. jeanluc_pippen_merry


    Something the breeder said in regards to the bun im getting. I requested one that she believes has some show quality potential and she said she had a 4 week old doe she believe does, but also said this... "Although I dont have pedigree papers for them, I can 100% guarantee they come from top...
  18. jeanluc_pippen_merry

    New Bunny! SQUEEEEEEE!

    I r getting a new little girl! She's so cute! But my fiancee is worried im going to turn into a crazy rabbit lady, whatever that is! Here's a pic of her, she's only 4 weeks atm but i go to visit her on Saturday! ^.^ I like to name my bunnies after characters whether they be real or fictional...
  19. jeanluc_pippen_merry

    BRC Standards, need help with a mini cashmere choice

    I couldn't edit my other post to change the title so i am posting this one so that hopefully i will get the attention of anyone that is familiar with the BRC standards and can help me pic the most promising bun. Bun#1 Bun#2 Thanks =)
  20. jeanluc_pippen_merry

    Is vicks vapor rub or vinigar a safe deterrent?

    Merry has become quite the terror. I can' turn my back on her for 1 second without her eating the walls. I read that putting a little vicks on things you don't want your rabbits to chew on is a good deterrent, im just wondering if anyone else has heard of this and if it is safe? Apparently the...