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  1. BunBun71

    Garden for BunBun

    Hello, I was wondering what I can grow in my garden for my rabbit? Is there anything they can not eat from my garden? I am going to plant tonight. Thank you! -BunBun71
  2. BunBun71

    what should I do?

    Hello everyone, I was wondering what I should do if BunBun gets bit by a mosquito? There were two mosquitos in his hutch yesterday. :eek: Thanks, -Bunbun71
  3. BunBun71

    Flowers as food?

    Hello everyone, I let BunBun run in my garden and he was eating little flowers in the garden. Is it ok that he ate that. :confused: I do not know what kind the flower it is. Thank you -BunBun71
  4. BunBun71

    Spring Rabbits Thread!

    This thread is for sharing pictures of where your rabbit lives, and even just random rabbity pictures! And you can post your bunnies name, too! 😁 This is a "spring rabbits thread"! -BunBun71🐇 *hop, hop
  5. BunBun71

    Why did my rabbit do this?

    Hello everyone, Last night I went out and gave my rabbit dinner. This morning, when I went out to give him breakfast he had not eaten any of his dinner, and he didn't eat much of his breakfast when I gave it to him. Finally he ate some and then when I gave him lunch he did not eat any for a...
  6. BunBun71

    Play pen

    Hello everyone, I was Wondering where I could get a pretty cheap play pen for my rabbit? It would be very helpful if you could. help me out....:) BunBun's area is a little smaller than I would like right now so that's why I want to know.
  7. BunBun71

    Rug or Mat

    Hello everyone, :) I was wondering what kind of mat or rug I should get so BunBun does not chew on it but it gives him traction. - Bunbun71
  8. BunBun71

    BunBun's feeding time....

    Hello everyone, I do not have a certain time to let out BunBun and feed him. I read that bunnies like consistency, so I want to figure out a time in the morning, around noon, and in the evening - when should I give him his meals? What do you think about this schedule? Breakfast - Between 8:00...
  9. BunBun71

    BunBun....The Rabbit

    ( ^ read the title in a sort of singsong way.) I adopted BunBun from my local shelter on March 12th of 2020. He was about 1 year and 2 months old when I got him. Ever since then, BunBun and I have been bonding and sharing life. :D The shelter told me that he was some kind of lop rabbit, but...
  10. BunBun71

    Rabbit Picture Thread! - Share those cutie pies!

    This thread is for sharing pictures of your rabbits. :) You can do what ever rabbit you want - Any age, size, breed, sex, etc. 🙂 I will share pictures of BunBun later. 🐰 - BunBun71
  11. BunBun71

    Wax in BunBun's ear?

    I think there is wax in BunBun's left ear. Can someone tell me what to do? Thanks! P.S. If a vet is needed for this, I am not able to bring him to one do to Covid 19. - BunBunAteATootsieRoll71 LOL 😂 Just kidding. - BunBun71
  12. BunBun71

    Help (Bunny was out in storm)

    Help! We're having a storm - wind and rain. My bunny was outside in his hutch and the tarp blew off that was covering his hutch. He got very wet. We have him inside now and are drying him off with a towel. Is that enough? He will be in overnight. Please let me know if we need to do anything...
  13. BunBun71

    Why did BunBun do this?

    Hello everyone, I went to feed BunBun - after I fed him I was going to clean his litter box, so I opened his cage and I was reaching in to get his litter box and he came in his "bathroom" where I was, he nudged me with his teeth. It did not really hurt bad, but why did he do that? :confused...
  14. BunBun71

    Chat About Bunnies

    This is a random chat for everyone to share stories, updates, and pictures about their darling rabbits! :) Everyone is welcome!! I own one silly rabbit named BunBun. He is so adorable!! 🥰 I will share pictures as soon as I have time. :) - BunBun71 Tagging: @Apollo’s Slave @Morgan Madoka...
  15. BunBun71

    Timmy & Theo - 2nd voting thread!

    So, it all came down to Timmy and Theo! They are tied. 😄 You will have to vote again everyone! Who will you pick? Theo? Timmy? Both? (Sorry, you can't pick both. ;)) The prize is a (pretty small, but not too small) 3d printed rabbit! Please vote everyone! Poll closes in 5 days so you better...
  16. BunBun71

    How Old Are Your Rabbits?

    Hello everyone, :) This is a fun little thread to share your rabbits age. 😀 I am just curious. My rabbit is 1 year and 3 months. - bunbun71
  17. BunBun71

    What should I do?

    Hello everyone, I don't know exactly what I should do in the winter with BunBun my rabbit. He is outside now and in the winter I want to make sure he stays happy. I do not have insulation so it might be cold in the winter. (?) What should I do? 🤔 Thanks! - bunbun71 P.S. To all you people...
  18. BunBun71

    Outdoor Rabbit Contest - VOTING THREAD.

    This is the voting thread you have all been waiting for. :) There are only a few rules/things to know: 1. You can not vote for yourself. If you do, you WILL GET CAUGHT. 2. Please vote for your favorite picture. It's the picture, not the person. 3. Just to make it clear: The people who...
  19. BunBun71

    How many veggies for BunBun?

    Hello, everyone I was wondering how many (much) veggies I should give BunBun per day? He weighs 5.6 pounds (about) if that helps. I'm just not sure how much is good for him..... Thanks!
  20. BunBun71

    Members!!! If you entered my contest CLICK!

    Hi all of you you entered my contest! I need need the name of the bunny you entered. I was going to PM everyone on the same PM but I am only allowed to invite up to two that didn't work. :confused: All I'm looking for is the members who entered my contest. Please just post the...