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  1. StellaBunny

    Help! Aggressive female needs to be picked up

    So my bunny Stella is aggressive and hates being picked up. I'm thinking about getting her spayed, but I might not have the money because the vet has to make an appointment to guess how pricey it would be. So I booked the appointment, and then realized that 1.) the appointment was the day after...
  2. StellaBunny

    Need a Rabbit-Savvy Vet In Massachusetts

    Hi guys!!! My rabbit Stella is super duper territorial, and vocal. I have money to get her spayed, but I don't know where to go. Any clues?
  3. StellaBunny

    Fed Up!!!

    Hi! I'm Stella. I am two, and a Netherland dwarf/lop cross. I am so fed up with my (human) grandparents!!! My momma wrote them a whole essay about me needing to live inside, because as of right now I live outdoors. Please do not give my momma hate. She loves me so very much, and just wants help...