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  1. Mac189

    Adoption Price (HELP)

    That's pretty expensive, but I wouldn't say unreasonable for all the services they've given him and how much you save rather than doing it all yourself. Foxwell was a steal, his adoption fee was $45 with all the same included, but the shelter had too many rabbits and were really trying to find...
  2. Mac189

    Is this okay??

    The vet would tell you if there was anything that could have prevented the surgery from being successful, such as cryptorchidism, so you're probably all good as far the neutered. Mine sometimes honk when they're super stoked about something, like at breakfast time, or when they rush me at the...
  3. Mac189

    Should I get bun a harness?

    If there is a single uncertainty, I wouldn't risk it. You need to know everything about how your rabbit reacts and what they tolerate as well as how long you can carry them. I've had to carry Willa for over a mile before under a jacket when it started raining, something only possible because I...
  4. Mac189

    Outdoor Rabbitry Tips

    I don't generally think wire is ideal, although concrete or plastic with a towel floor covering is easy to clean and I think offers a good quality of life.
  5. Mac189

    Should I get bun a harness?

    I don't have an opinion either way, but only use it if you can guarantee that your rabbit and you have the level of trust and safety necessary to prevent disaster and make it a genuinely enjoyable experience, which I don;t think is a situation you have with any of your rabbits right now.
  6. Mac189

    Should I get bun a harness?

    The level of trust needed between a handler and leash train rabbit needs to be extraordinary. Willa and I built that trust for years. Your rabbit needs to ALWAYS be comfortable being held and run to you, not away, if they get scared. Willa's signal for wanting to be done or go home is putting...
  7. Mac189

    Mischievous bunny

    My bunny Neal once climbed out of his pen, figured out how to use the cat door and went on an evening jaunt in the snow while I was asleep. I woke up to find him waiting outside the door in the morning with his tracks all over the place. I was terrified, but Neal was really chill and clingly so...
  8. Mac189

    Should I get bun a harness?

    Adding more toys and things to do in the pen can help prevent that behavior. I give mine a cardboard hut, some willow balls, and I'm hoping to add a dig box soon! They get so tuckered out that most of their time is spent flopped while eating grass
  9. Mac189

    Any tips for bringing my bunny on a 8 hour car trip?

    I have to do semi-regular 12-hour drives with mine and it has always gone very well, my tip is to make sure to keep your gas tank relatively full. Nothing is scarier than being in the middle of the desert with thirty miles left on your tank and the next gas station is in 28 miles. Have a safe trip!
  10. Mac189

    Gilly the Reluctant Indoor Bunny

    Welcome back! I'm so sorry to hear about your beloved friends, it's so hard when they are taken from us. Gilly looks like such a character and a professional man of leisure. My buns also love homework... I give them all unneeded assignments at the end of a semester to destroy, which is...
  11. Mac189

    Rabbit Picture Thread! - Share those cutie pies!

    Willa being a cuddle loaf and "helping" with some homework and my first meeting with Foxwell almost nine months ago... He is so sweet and gets cuddlier everyday... I'm forever indebted to the young girl who found him as a stray and spent months feeding him and gaining his trust so she could take...
  12. Mac189

    If my bunny licks a little stuffed plushie cow, does that mean he loves it?

    That's absolutely adorable! Maybe he thinks of the cow as his friend or job to look after! Mine aren't really lickers, although Foxwell sometimes tries to stand on my feet and lick my shins when I'm getting ready in the morning... It's very distracting and weird, but it definitely makes me laugh!
  13. Mac189

    Do rabbits have periods

    I think dandelions and some fresh greens can cause the color... if your rabbits are getting more greens with spring being here that may account for the weird color!
  14. Mac189

    Do rabbits have periods

    That's a relatively common color for rabbit urine depending on diet. She looks very fluffy and the color stands out really sharply on her fur, but I don't see anything that looks like blood. Rabbits don't get periods, but I can completely understand how it sort of looks that way.
  15. Mac189

    Wanted everyone's personal opinion on bunny breed

    I think they're a wonderful choice for you and I wish you the best of luck in finding a new friend!
  16. Mac189

    Wanted everyone's personal opinion on bunny breed

    I never had an issue with yeast infections, but I know that can be a concern. Most of my other past rabbits were lop mixes too (as well as my girl Willa), and I've been very lucky on health, although that can be a concern!
  17. Mac189

    Netherland Dwarf

    If you are planning to adopt a friend in the next few months, there will likely be a great deal of bunnies that were given as gifts for Easter (live animals are always poor gifts!) that their owners grew bored of who will need new, loving homes. These buns will come in all shapes, sizes, and...
  18. Mac189

    Tips and Tricks at the Vet

    At some point or another, all of us have had to go to the vet and I've noticed a lot of problems that have occurred because the system can sometimes be challenging to navigate. As someone who has been working at a veterinary hospital for the past year, I thought it might be helpful to all of us...
  19. Mac189

    Jasmines life !

    Maybe try another guinea pig forum, there are probably a few!
  20. Mac189

    Netherland Dwarf

    I don't see a lot of mini rex in her, if any. Maybe satin or a little Havana in shape