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  1. SirLawrence

    RO Orchestra

    So, it's come to my attention that we have a ton of talented folks on here! I thought it would be cool if we started the "Rabbits Online Symphony Orchestra", a virtual, digital orchestra consisting of RO forum members. I may have t-shirts made for our fake concert tour, just because I'm dumb...
  2. SirLawrence

    Tennis anyone?

    The girlfriend got a tennis ball machine in the mail, and I wasn't home to help her unpack it, so Sir Lawrence stepped up to make sure she was doing it right. She sent me this picture of him "reading the directions" while I was at training! I just had to share! My little man was being the...
  3. SirLawrence

    Oxbow v. Vitakraft

    I've had my boys for a while now, and have made all of the new rabbit-dad mistakes. That being said, they used to be on Vitakraft Vita Prima adult rabbit food, but they've recently switched to Oxbow Garden Select Adult. They used to go CRAZY for the Vitakraft, but not so much for the Oxbow. I...