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    Tips for getting rid of gnats?

    Gnats were a problem at my last house since January up until we moved out in July. I was hoping after moving we'd be rid of them, but even with sterilizing the bunny cage as much as we could during the transfer, the gnats have somehow found a way here too and have multiplied until there are...
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    Losing fur/wetness around eye?

    IMMEDIATE INFORMATION: Location Ohio Description (Breed, color, weight): Dwarf Hotot, white, unsure Age: around 5 Sex: female Concise Summary of the Rabbit's Condition: Hair around left eye is is getting matted down as if it were wet. It looks like she's losing fur in the area in around...
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    How much verbal understanding do rabbits have?

    Like will they recognize when they're being called their name or anything like that?