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    How heavy for a mini lop doe?

    Hi all, I’ve got a mini lop doe and she hasn’t been receptive to any breeding recently and I am worried it’s because she is overweight... what weight are they aupposed to be and is there any way I can make her more receptive to breeding? Thanks all
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    Breeding an unwilling doe advice!

    Hi all, I’ve got a two proven bucks and a new unproven doe. A few days ago I tried breeding her with one of my bucks but she wasn’t lifting at all and almost attacked him. I wasn’t sure why as I had done everything right and I’ve bred rabbits before but never had something like this. I put her...
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    When to spay a rabbit?

    Hi all, I’ve got a female rabbit. She’s previously mothered a few kits but she is now 3 and we’ve decided to stop breeding her. We want to get her spayed soon but just want to check from all of the rabbit experts on here that this is the correct thing to do? Is the procedure safe, we wouldn’t...
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    Pregnant doe, best environment?

    Hi all, I’ve got a pregnant doe and she normally lives outside year round in and insulated hutch and large run connected however she is currently pregnant! So I am wondering whether I should keep her outside in her house or bring her in, in a indoor cage? I’m in south England and the weather...
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    Infertile or Unwilling doe

    I’ve been trying to breed my doe twice now... both times with the same proven buck and first time she pulled fur and made a nest on day 28 and then the second time there was nothing even though both times we had 3 fall offs. Although she was making a horrible honking sound and being very...
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    Pictures of buns!

    Here are my rabbits, I would love to see pics of all of yours!! My blue bunny is currently pregnant with the seal lops babies
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    Pregnant doe?!

    I previously bred my doe and buck together (34days ago) she has been very moody and has made her nest and I’ve even noticed her nipples getting bigger. However it is day 34 and still no babies. I went through her nest briefly to check and I am positive there have been none. There is also no sign...