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  1. Jigzitta


    So first of all I got this handsome little boy off from Craigslist not too long after my Rosemary passed away, because I needed a new bunny to cuddle, and he was offered to me when I made a post about needing a new bunny for therapy. I know it can be dangerous getting pets from there, but he...
  2. Jigzitta

    What breed of rabbit is Junior?

    Could someone please help me and let me know? I just got him. He has really shiny black fur, almost like velvet.
  3. Jigzitta

    R.I.P. Rosemary, my baby girl..

    Well it took me a while to make this post. It's been nearly two weeks since she's passed now as I make this post. I mean after she passed I isolated myself and would barely even talk about her to anyone else except my fiance and a few select people online. I really cried badly, had a fit, and...
  4. Jigzitta

    What's the best way to clean a bunnies cage?

    I mean do you really wanna use Pinesol to clean the cage? That may make the bunny sick. It's what one of my roommate's suggested, but I don't think I wanna do that. My bunnies cage is really dirty though. So what should I clean it out with and how should I go about doing that?
  5. Jigzitta

    So I'm trying to see which kind of cage would be best for my Rosemary..

    Since they say I have to keep her outside, at the place I'm wanting to move into, because I'll have roommates, and they don't want the bunny being inside, affecting other's with allergies, just in case someone may be allergic, and I mean I seriously do need to move into this place, but I was...
  6. Jigzitta


    Wanna be Facebook friends with my bunny, Rosemary?
  7. Jigzitta

    Well it looks like it's time for Trix to go bye bye..

    I'm really sad, but he just keeps breaking his legs and I don't have the money to keep fixing his injuries. Plus this time it's one of his hind legs and that'll probably be even more money than his front paw costed that he injured last time. God knows I love Trix with all of my heart, but I'm...
  8. Jigzitta

    I'm so afraid Trix hurt himself! Please help me!

    I'm crying as we speak. He's just a baby, Maybe about 4 months old I estimate, A Mini Rex (Mixed with something else, but they didn't know what.) and I bought him only on the 24th. He's so skittish that he kept jumping out of my arms and even onto the hard parking lot road at my apartment...
  9. Jigzitta

    Does your bunny lick you?

    Rosemary licks my face every time I pick her. It's so cute :3 So I was just wondering if all bunnies were like that.
  10. Jigzitta

    About your bunnies :D

    How long have you had it, how old is it, what is the breed and the colors? (Feel free to post pictures.) I had mine nearly 2 years when May 25th gets here, It'll be 2 years old soon too, so she's almost 2 years old and she's a Lionhead, Dark brown and white colored.
  11. Jigzitta

    When my bunnies ears go back does that mean she's scared?

    Or what?...Like even when I pick her up or sometimes when she's just sitting in her cage.
  12. Jigzitta

    What's the biggest, fattest bunny that exists?

    Well I have a female, Lionhead bunny and she's pretty big and fat. I don't know if males would be much bigger though. I wanna get a really huge, fat bunny in the future. I want the biggest bunny out there. So what would you suggest? I wanna big huge, cuddly, fat bunny. Don't get me wrong though...
  13. Jigzitta

    Sore/Scab on Rosemary's neck

    So I started noticing it like a week or two ago. I don't know why this sore/scab appeared on her neck. I'm really worried. Does anyone know what this might be and what I should do about it?