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  1. aurora369

    Baxter has mites

    Took Baxter to the vet today as I was pretty sure he has mites. The vet didn't see any mites under the scope (he thought he saw one really small one but wasn't sure) but he did see some eggs. So he gave me three doses of Revolution for Baxter. I was wondering how many doses I should give...
  2. aurora369

    Friend found a rabbit!

    I just got a phone call from my old roommate and she was in a huge panic because she had just caught this rabbit who was running around outside. She was by a friends house when she saw her running around outside, so she had to catch her. She had no idea what to do, or how she was going to...
  3. aurora369

    Goodbye Zeke

    I am very sad to say that I lost Zeke today. My wonderful and spunky castor rex. He charmed is way into our lives as a 3 week old foster, and had us captivated by his antics for three years. He was a kisser of all people and the best binky-er of all my bunnies. I always knew that I was on...
  4. aurora369

    Need some RO Positive Vibes

    Hey guys, Ryan and I really need some positive vibes. I know how well RO vibes work. Ryan just had a job interview for a position at the company that laid him off about a year ago. He hasn't been able to find a permanent position since that lay off, just bits and pieces of contract work. The...
  5. aurora369

    Went on vacation, and got a Proposal

    I went to Alberta for my boyfriend's brother's wedding. My boyfriend was a groomsman, and the wedding was gorgeous. We also ended up staying longer than planned. We got invited to a friends time-share with them in Fairmont BC. So, we went and had a wonderful time. The best part about the...
  6. aurora369

    More Antibiotic Questions

    Poor Baxter has had a cloudy eye for well over a month now. At first I thought it was a cataract, but then his nose started to run about two weeks ago. I got him in to the vet, who suggested starting him on Chloropalm 3cc's twice a day for two weeks. So we tried the Chloropalm for two weeks...
  7. aurora369

    Laboured Breathing - UPDATE - Cancer

    Sekura has been having some laboured breathing in the last week or so. She is holding her mouth open a bit, her nostrils seem more flared and her sides are moving more. Her age is debatable. She is 10 to 12 years old, but I don't have any definite dates. I'm just wondering what could be...
  8. aurora369

    Zeke is a thirsty boy

    We discovered that Zeke likes to drink from a spray bottle. Ryan was pulling the trigger and Zeke was licking it off the nozzle. Here's a video, not the greatest but it's still cute. Enjoy: --Dawn
  9. aurora369

    Resolved: House Hunting Vibes Please!

    Sigh, I don't want to but I have to find a new place to live. Our house was sold and the new owners want to renovate the basement suite into a rec room or something. So we have to be gone by May 1. We've been looking at houses, but most of them are too expensive for a tiny little basement...
  10. aurora369

    Ear Wart?

    Hey guys, Take a look at this funny growth on Baxter's ear. When I first got him, he had two small little warts on his right ear, and they never changed or seemed to bother him. I showed them to the vets when Zeke was in for his boo-boo, and they said it was fine. But now, about two weeks ago...
  11. aurora369

    Rabbit Massage I thought this was so funny, I had to share. --Dawn
  12. aurora369

    Bonding my Quad

    I am again going to attempt to bond two pairs together. My initial attempt was to bond Zeke/Baxter with Sugar/Sekura but I soon discovered that Sugar hated anybunny not her mom (Sekura). After a few bonding attempts where no progress was made, I gave up. Now this second bonding attempt is due...
  13. aurora369

    Pictures for Bummietime!

    I took a few pictures of Bummietime's babies when I had them over the holidays. I know she misses them alot. Visiting on the couch with us: Then Oreo peed on Ryan, so they went back in the cage. And some size comparisons of Zeke and Oreo. It was so cute because Zeke just lied there and then...
  14. aurora369

    Prayers for Zeke

    Well, I thought the bonding session was going well.... Until Zeke decided it would be a good idea to hump Coal on his head. Coal gave him a well placed nip, which basically circumcised Zeke. Zeke (and Baxter) are now at the vets awaiting emergency surgery in the morning. They put in some...
  15. aurora369

    Sneaky beggers

    As you all know, bunnies are excellent beggers, and they always look like they are starving! In fact, my four did such a good job of looking starved that they got an extra feeding on Friday. I was writing an exam, and had asked Ryan to pick me up after I was done. He wanted to go straight to a...
  16. aurora369

    Impatient Kitty

    This little kitty is really funny! You'll want your speakers on. --Dawn
  17. aurora369

    We just hit a deer... :(

    We where driving along 0 ave in Surrey, right near the border and we hit a deer. She was in the other lane and another car was coming so she dodge that car right into ours. Ryan slowed down as he saw her, but couldn't come to a full stop as it was raining pretty hard. Poor thing, she did a full...
  18. aurora369

    Can you test for Cancer??

    Well, I had some unsettling news yesterday. One of Zeke's litter mates passed away yesterday. The necropsy shows possible kidney cancer. The scary thing is that a month ago, another litter mate died of liver cancer. I'm terrified that Zeke might have cancer too and is just not showing any...
  19. aurora369

    Nutmeg is not feeling well

    My mom just called me at work to tell me Nutmeg is not acting quite right. He refused to eat his celery, is lying on his tummy with his legs stretched out, and she said he's shaking. I think the shaking may be from breathing heavy. I told her to give him some Oval gas meds and some fluids. And...
  20. aurora369

    Sugar was Spayed today

    Sugar went in to the vets today to get spayed. As some of you may remember, her last attempt was not successful and she stopped breathing when they gave her the initial tranquilizer. The vet seemed to be very confident that he could adjust her dosage and perform a successful spay. That paired...