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  1. jeanluc_pippen_merry

    The Fellowship of the Food Bowl

    MarisaAndToby wrote: Well here it is! Sorry i have been gone for a few months. House hunting as been very stressful and ridiculously time consuming. No to mention other family issues i have been dealing with which sent me back to that dark place no one likes going to. But on a brighter...
  2. jeanluc_pippen_merry

    Hermaphrodite bunny?

    A few months ago she started allowing pip (my neutered buck) to mate with her and a few days ago she built her first nest, lined it with fur she pulled out and sat in it all night, only coming out occasionally for a few minutes now and then to pull more fur or gather more hay.
  3. jeanluc_pippen_merry

    Hermaphrodite bunny?

    Hi Flashy, thanks for the info. I'm going to have to give "him" a different name if it turns out to be a boy. But why would he have a false pregnancy if she's really a he? That's why i thought maybe she's a bit of both.
  4. jeanluc_pippen_merry

    Hermaphrodite bunny?

    Thanks, ZRabbits. I did a little research and found that there are known cases of hermaphrodites in bunnies, so im hoping that's what it is and not something more serious. In any case i will make an appointment to see the vet just to be sure. Would still love the opinions of the rabbit...
  5. jeanluc_pippen_merry

    Hermaphrodite bunny?

    I was cleaning Padme's bottom today (cashmere mini lop) and i found what appeared to be testicles. They're on both sides and partially covered by fur. I just wanted to take quick pics as i didn't want to stress her out any more since i still had to finish cleaning her bum. She has a vagina which...
  6. jeanluc_pippen_merry

    How to Tame an Alpha or at least make friends

    Madalynster wrote: Rabbits are such speciests. :P
  7. jeanluc_pippen_merry

    Any fellow gamers here?

    Jynxie wrote: I want to try it, keep meaning to but always forget all about it.
  8. jeanluc_pippen_merry

    Word Association - 2011

  9. jeanluc_pippen_merry

    The Fellowship of the Food Bowl

    A few pics of Merry. She's grown so much she almost looks like a totally different rabbit! Her tiny little dewlap looks funny. She is the queen of the house and she lets everyone know it. xD
  10. jeanluc_pippen_merry

    Bunnies...And Other Very Important Things

    Jamaica! Woohoo! I watched the vid and the water looks amazing! If i was there no one would be able to pull me out of the water, I'd be in there all day lol.
  11. jeanluc_pippen_merry

    When fur is matted down to the skin

    Thanks for the advice everyone. Well i think i am going to need to invest in a pair of clippers. I think im going to be safe and get a pair specifically designed for maybe cats if there aren't any for rabbits? Can you pick them up from any pet supply store? I'll check ebay first, i always check...
  12. jeanluc_pippen_merry

    Any fellow gamers here?

    I haven't played it but im sure it is a lot of fun.
  13. jeanluc_pippen_merry

    Any fellow gamers here?

    A friend of mine went to play DC universe. He quit wow to play it but he came back after a few months lol.
  14. jeanluc_pippen_merry


    Lola is such a pretty little thing. I think they are the most beautiful lionheads i have ever seen! ^.^
  15. jeanluc_pippen_merry

    The Fellowship of the Food Bowl

    Thanks Marisa. They are coming out, slowly but surely. And her butt region looks much better lol. I think she enjoys being groomed. She just sits there most of the time and when she starts moving it's just to sniff and explore, but she doesn't put up a fight when i put her back into the grooming...
  16. jeanluc_pippen_merry

    What does rabbit scent glad spray smell like?

    Thanks guys. Since cleaning her the smell is no where near as bad so hopefully it was just that she hadn't been cleaned for a while. >.< I did notice that where the scent glands are there was dark gunky stuff there so cleaned it out and she's smelling ok now. I still smell the funny smell a...
  17. jeanluc_pippen_merry

    Pippin did a stringy poo today

    Right ok. He's still eating, drinking, pooping normally and that's the only poo strung with fur ive come across but will keep an eye on him. The bulk of my rabbits diet is hay, they get half their pellets in the morning and half at night and veggies for breakfast. The rest of the day they eat hay.