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    Question about healing wounds on the show table

    While I’m here, I have another question. With my breed, sore hocks can be an issue. What level of “cured” do they need to reach to be put back on the table? I was under the assumption that the scab needed to be completely gone with normal pigmented skin, so basically just a bald spot, but at the...
  2. J

    How much feed?

    Hello :) Looking for some tips on feed. We got started in May, and are up to nineteen holes with one weaned litter. I’ve been doing full feed on most of our rabbits because they are/were juniors, but some have hit senior weight and then made “ideal” weight for their breed. Currently feeding...
  3. J

    Struggling with color

    We are newbies and just starting out. I got a matched pair of Lynx Rex from a breeder. The dam has lots of tricolor in her pedigree and the sire has lots of Amber. I ended up with seven kits which are now seven weeks old. Four of them I feel confident (ish...) are Lynx. The other three look like...