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  1. Poby

    Biting clothes

  2. Poby

    Biting clothes

    Yes he is
  3. Poby

    My bunny won't eat his vegies 🥲

    Hello everyone! I'm a new member and I am kind of unsure on how this works but I'll try my best! I'll first start off with an introduction. My bunny's name is Poby and he is a mini lop, he will be 4 years old by this year. He was de-sexed at the age of 2. He gets scared very easily but when he...
  4. Poby

    This or That? (game)

    Car. Never been on a truck before 👀 PC or console?
  5. Poby

    Biting clothes

    I have a bunny, he will be 4 this year. I love my bunny a lot, I try to give him as much of my attention. However one problem is, he tends to bite or tug on my clothes or give me nudges when I try to pet him. I try to walk away, avoid him or sometimes give him a nudge afraid that he might end up...