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  1. CrazyChickenGirl

    The pet game

    For this game someone lists the age breed( or part the same breed) and name of their pet and the person after them’s pet either has to be the same breed age or its name has to start with the same letter. You also need to have a picture. I’ll start This is my five month old Holland Lop Dune.
  2. CrazyChickenGirl

    Banding rabbit?

    I plan to band my Holland Lop buck, any suggestions on what age and what to watch for?
  3. CrazyChickenGirl

    Litter training and rabbit proofing

    I am litter training my 4 month old Holland, Dune and I was wondering if you need to rabbit proof corners? Also any extra tactics on litter training would be helpful. I have just been using an old cat litter box with some hay in it and it has been working great. Although it has only been in a...