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    Need advice on "coming out"!

    I'm torn between wanting to be proud and talking about my life and relationship, but I don't want to anger anyone or have them think I'm rubbing it in.
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    Need advice on "coming out"!

    Thanks everyone for your support thus far. I wound up coming out on Sunday. At first my mom thought I was messing with her and then she got really quiet. As the day went by things kinda went back to normal, until last night. She started insisting that I chose to be gay and that other gays prey...
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    Need advice on "coming out"!

    I am 25 and have dated several guys and was engaged (my ex-fiancé and I broke up 13 days before the wedding). But I've had a secret for as long as I can remember that has made it hard to have a successful relationship. I am gay. I recently began dating a female friend I got very close to while I...
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    How old are your rabbits??

    Weston is 2 and a half, Marley is a year and a half, and Forrest is 7 weeks.
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    Introducing...Forrest Gump!

    I got a new bunny today! He is 7 weeks old and I named him Forrest Gump (aka Forrest). He is a mini Rex and is really sweet so far. On my way home from getting him I had to bring him into Walmart so I could get a litter box and food dish for him and I didn't want to leave him in the hot van. He...
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    ALS ice bucket challenge!

    I've watched several videos of individuals doing the ice bucket challenge for ALS (aka Lou Gehrig's disease) so I thought I'd start a thread where we can post our own ice bucket vids, as well as our favorites we've seen. Don't forget to nominate! Here is my favorite vid so far (warning: blood)...
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    How can I tell if she is pregnant?

    I got my 2nd bunny, Eden, 4 days ago. She is a 1.5 year old fuzzy lop who I was told was bred with another lop 11 days ago. How can I tell if she is indeed pregnant? Since she is new I can't tell if she is acting different, but she has thumped at me a couple of times.
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    New bunny! Need name!

    I decided on Eden :)
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    New bunny! Need name!

    I got a most likely pregnant female bunny today! She was bred a week ago. She looks like a fuzzy lop and was bred to a short haired lop. She is really sweet and mellow. I can't decide on a name. The ideas I have so far are Bella, Amelia, Gemma, Gemmye, and Evie (pronounced "Eh-vee"). Here are...
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    Rough few months...just need to vent...

    So I don't even know where to begin, other than to say that my life has fallen apart. I was supposed to be getting married on July 12th, but we broke up 13 days prior to the wedding. A part of me is devastated. It was a waste of a year and a half of my life that could have been so different. I...
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    Piglet behavior questions!

    My sweet Lucy girl died last night...she was doing great, eating well, active, etc. But she got scours and went downhill fast... She took her last breath in my arms.... :(
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    Piglet behavior questions!

    The only times she is in her bin is during the night and when I am gone. Whenever I am home and available (as in not doing something that wouldn't be baby safe) she is with me. I hate not being with her because I know she must get lonely. :( When she is in her bin she has a fluffy blanket, a...
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    Piglet behavior questions!

    I've had my mini piglet, Lucy, for 3 days. She is 15 days old and I am bottle feeding her. She is a very sweet, playful, and cuddly piglet--the complete opposite of my other mini. Most of the time it's cute but she has started wanting to be held and be the center of attention ALL the time. And...
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    Showing off my new tattoos!

    I don't know how to make them bigger but I can tell you what they say! The one on my foot says "And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music." the one on my left arm says "Anyone can love a rose, but it takes a great deal to love a leaf. It's...
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    Showing off my new tattoos!

    This past Saturday I went and got 3 new tattoos. The first of the day was one on my foot which took 2 excruciating hours. Hands down the worst pain I have ever felt. I've had both of my wrists tattooed and they were nothing compared to my foot. Here's my foot tattoo: My two arm tattoos...
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    Bought my wedding dress!!

    I'm wearing cowgirl boots at my wedding lol First look at myself in the dress
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    Bought my wedding dress!!

    I am getting married in July and I began the search for a wedding dress about a month ago. I found one online that I absolutely loved and I immediately told my mom "this is my dress". Well about 2 weeks ago I looked it up online again and the page said that the dress was no longer available...
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    Feeling left out and just need to vent

    I'm not really looking for advice because I know it's just me being ridiculous, but I do need to vent because it's bothering me. I've been friends with a married coupe who I'll call Ryan and Kate for 3 years. I've been boarding my horses at their farm this whole time. There are other boarders...
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    From Lilly to Louie

    We had checked him for balls before and didn't see any, but now they are very obvious! By the way my fiancé was acting, you'd think I had just given birth to his first son! He held him up and said "it's a boy!!" lol. The name Louie didn't fit, so his new name is Oliver. Ollie for short. :)
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    I hate being touched and it's causing my fiancé and I to argue..

    I am 24 and engaged to my best friend. We've been together 1 year and are completely in love. We get along well for the most part, but one thing we argue about is the fact that I hate being touched. Like I literally get mad when people touch me after I tell them not to. I'm this way with...