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  1. SydneyHasBunnies

    Help!! Suprise litter again!

    I was not expecting to see a nest made by my bunny when I got home. I know she got out of her cage and somehow opened the male’s cage (I’m saving up to get him fixed I’m only 15) and got pregnant. I know this isn’t a false pregnancy because she is so big! I’ve had a suprise litter before and I...
  2. SydneyHasBunnies

    How many times should I force feed my baby rabbits?

    My little bunny autumn has become a mother of one as of yesterday. When I woke up, I realized that she didn’t feed her baby so we opted on turning the mother over and letting the baby eat. My concern is I don’t know when to stop the feeding and how many times a day I need to do it.
  3. SydneyHasBunnies

    My bunny gave birth but might still have babies?

    Hello, I keep asking so many questions on this website but I’m just a 15 year old with a pregnant bunny. Anyways, my bunny gave birth to 5 babies early in the morning but only 1 survived. I checked her stomach for some hope on more babies and her belly is still somewhat large and hard. Is it...