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  1. Bunnysrcool17

    my bunny nose is weird

    😰So I looked at my buns nose today and it looks very big and kind of redish/pinkish and very round does anyone know why this could be? I'm so scared. It looks very bulgeie and i want to figure it out so i can talk to a vet. Please help me!!
  2. Bunnysrcool17

    I need advice on...Advice?(about cousins rabbit)

    So a few months back my 9 year old cousin got a rabbit, and she mostly keep her inside wish is good, but she never get hay, toys, and lives in a very small cage. she also has a hamster and a new Guinea pig and I don't want to be rude but she doesn't take very good care of the hamster either. I...
  3. Bunnysrcool17

    Rabbit diet.

  4. Bunnysrcool17

    New Bunny has nose crust.

    help! my new bun has some kind of crust on his nose, I'm not really sure what it could be.
  5. Bunnysrcool17

    need advice on rabbit pregnancy's

    hi, my bunny camila isnt having much luck with babies :( we've tried 5-6 times but no luck yet:confused: anyone have any advice or suggestions?