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  1. Sucha

    Stasis or blockage? Very worried

    Hi I hope someone can help me stop worrying myself sick :( This morning Betty didn’t want breakfast and was very listless. Our rabbit vet is a 2 hour drive away and here in France we are in lockdown. She also really freaks out in the car so I decided to take her to our other nearer vet. She’s...
  2. Sucha

    GI Stasis questions, I'm worried sick :(

    Hi everyone, Virginia is about 5 years old mini lop. In the last 3 months she has lost her bonded mate, bonded with a new bun, been treated for ear infection and had a month on panacur for e. cuniculi. Then 2 weeks ago she had her teeth filed, her vaccinations and a flea treatment. Her appetite...