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    Day 28 made a nest and pulling fur

    Hi my doe is on day 28 and she’s made a nest and is pulling fur is she in labour or just nesting?
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    Is my rabbit nesting?

    Hey I mucked the hutch out yesterday put all fresh bedding and went to her hutch today and she’s moved most of it into the other compartment, I believe we are in day 19 so Is this a sign of nesting?
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    What’s the average weight for 5 month old mini lops

    Hi I’m just wondering what my 5 month old mini lops weight be I weighed her today as she looks bigger than my buck which is also the same age and she’s 1.8 kg and he’s 1.55 kg
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    Do rabbits eye change colour?

    My mini lop had blue eyes she’s now 5 months old and have noticed her one eye has changed to brown is this normal?
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    Can someone help me identify the colour genes of my lop doe please

    Hi this is my mini lop Dior which I will be looking to breed at the right time but I’m just wondering if anyone can help me identify my rabbits colour genes so I can pick the perfect partner for her 🥰