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  1. Mrs641

    Bun suddenly afraid in crate

    Hey there, had my bun Penny for over a year, very healthy and behaviors normal. Within the past week, she has been waking us up thumping in her crate, acting skittish during the day and will suddenly run and hide and thump. She is peeing in her crate which is NOT normal, she’s very clean and...
  2. Mrs641

    Marking while bonding rabbits

    Hey there y’all, I’ve posted a couple times with questions regarding bonding my rabbits. Everything is on the upswing, however, they both have taken to completely SATURATING their crates at night with urine. I have to clean them every day, I have been switching litter boxes, blankets, and water...
  3. Mrs641

    Bonding rabbits

    So I got a new rabbit a little over a week ago, I’ve done many bonding sessions with him and my previous bunny Penny, everything goes great when they are in a small space, I use a laundry basket. He has a pen set up that he goes into during the day (sleeps in his crate beside Penny in her...
  4. Mrs641

    Introducing a new rabbit

    I’ve had my rabbit Penny since Nov, and just today brought home my new bunny named Benjamin. I waited a while to put them together, everything was going good until he started to mount her. He was neutered 5 weeks ago (Penny has also been spayed), could this still be hormonal, or is this a...
  5. Mrs641

    Safe bug sprays for the home

    Hello all! Now that I’ve got a bunny, I’ve realized I cannot use my usual bug spray around the house for the terrible ants we get each year, it’s already starting! Can someone recommend a safe alternative I can use around my baseboards that will be safe for my bun? She is free range, and goes...
  6. Mrs641

    Advice for my newly adopted holland lop (male)

    I have a 2 year old female, spayed, Holland lop. She’s been with us for almost 6month and we just love her! I just took in today an intact male, Holland lop. I expected there to be some hormonal behavior on his part, but whoa! He’s humping anything and everything he can find! We introduced them...