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  1. SydneyHasBunnies

    Snowball Passed

    I am so very sorry for your loss. I lost my beloved rabbit Honey by a seizure right in my arms and lost her life right there in front of me. It’s been 2 years since then and i’m telling you that the guilt does settle down. I had the option to put her down but I couldn’t bear seeing her gone so I...
  2. SydneyHasBunnies

    Baby Bunnies and Nest Box

    Hi! Around this time they like to explore since they can see and they usually return to their nestbox to sleep at night. I don’t see anything wrong with it as long as it is clean for them. I’m not a professional but this is just my opinion. :)
  3. SydneyHasBunnies

    Help!! Suprise litter again!

    I was not expecting to see a nest made by my bunny when I got home. I know she got out of her cage and somehow opened the male’s cage (I’m saving up to get him fixed I’m only 15) and got pregnant. I know this isn’t a false pregnancy because she is so big! I’ve had a suprise litter before and I...
  4. SydneyHasBunnies

    Mr Floof

    I’m so sorry, this makes my heart break. :(
  5. SydneyHasBunnies

    Thinking of getting a new bunny after my bunny passed away!

    I think it’s a great idea to get a new bunny. You will still have the thoughts of your previous bunny but you are filling that hole that came about when you lost your precious bunny. It is also a great opportunity to give that bunny a great home.
  6. SydneyHasBunnies

    Help, my bunny gave birth, but there is no nest?

    I’m actually quite interested in that. Keep me updated because I’d love to hear about the new kits!
  7. SydneyHasBunnies

    Why am I scared?

    I hope everything goes great with picking your bunny! I know you will pick a great one and there is nothing to worry about! You seem like a very responsible owner!!
  8. SydneyHasBunnies

    7 day old bunny

    My baby rabbit has the exact same thing. It’s been 12 days and it finally fell off.
  9. SydneyHasBunnies

    Questions about bloat

    It seems like the box was the case. I would stop using that box just to be safe with your new bun.
  10. SydneyHasBunnies

    Our sweet Bella passed away!

    I am so so sorry. I know what it feels like to lose a rabbit. My heart breaks for you and your family. Bella seemed like a very lovely bunny.
  11. SydneyHasBunnies

    Male rabbit changed female rabbit's personality

    My guess is that she realized she loves attention from that male bunny and decided to get more attention from you? Seems like a very sweet bunny!
  12. SydneyHasBunnies

    Loose rabbit in friend's yard

    I would leave some water and food out for a while and maybe look into safe traps and put some treats in there. If you ever catch it, don’t scare it and make very slow moves and talk very quietly and softly and take it to a vet to check for injuries or infection.
  13. SydneyHasBunnies

    Help! Pregnant rabbit

    Awww lovely bunnies. :)
  14. SydneyHasBunnies

    Help! Pregnant rabbit

    It’s usually on day 35 that you should be worried and call the vet. Bunnies can pull fur a few minutes before birth. Give her more time and keep us updated!!
  15. SydneyHasBunnies

    Something is up with my bunny! Please help!

    I’m absolutely no vet, but I don’t think it’s anything to worry about. As long as she shows no signs of pain or infection, you shouldn’t worry about it.
  16. SydneyHasBunnies

    Snuggle bunny

    Aw this warms my heart!!
  17. SydneyHasBunnies

    How many times should I force feed my baby rabbits?

    She started nursing the first time I showed her what to do now the baby is all fat and warm :)
  18. SydneyHasBunnies

    Excitedly biting water bottle

    My rabbit does the same thing, I’m pretty sure it’s just for entertainment purposes. I give her an empty clean water bottle and she likes throwing it all over the place.
  19. SydneyHasBunnies

    Mother rabbit eating fur

    The same thing happened to my rabbit after she gave birth. It’s interesting
  20. SydneyHasBunnies

    New Bunny, New Housing

    For my litter trained rabbit cage, I put fleece blankets on The bottom nice and smooth then one more messily on top of that one. My rabbit loves it and it keeps her feet warm. I hope this helped :)